Last Year

Since I missed my end-of-year recap for last year, I just decided to do something similar. It’s quite belated but the truth is, I still think about most of these things or they still affect me and I just want to get them off my chest. Since this post is all about me, I don’t think I’ll be promoting the link to it much. So if you’re reading this, I expect that you know me personally, and if you don’t then you can get to know some more about me. I’ll try to arrange the events according time of occurrence as much as possible. Too much talk, let me get to the gist!


Last year, I got a new job! It was kinda a weird way to get a job but I did. I got the link online and sent in just my CV and a link to this blog. It was a writing job and I’m a Computer Engineer, so the only evidence I had of being a writer was this blog and, boy, did it get me attention! Well, as I later found out, my boss-to-be couldn’t stop talking about my posts and that sorta gave me an edge. I still had to do the tests and all and I actually did very well (I usually have no probs with tests as I had previously cleared four in four job applications), but eventually, I got the nod.

It’s still one of those things I’m proud of today and I’d have to say thanks to those who pushed me into this: Kelv’n (@Sirkastiq), Annie (@Anniefertiti), Presh (@prec1ous), NonsenseBoi and others. Thank you guys!

Last year, I had a big disagreement with my fave sis. It all started with something I got involved in which I wouldn’t discuss here. She got extremely emotional about it, understandably, but I couldn’t handle her reaction to the situation so I just switched off on her for much of last year. We’re good again though and all’s well but I don’t think either of us will forget the whole incident that quickly, let alone other members of the family.

Last year, I left my new job! Another sad event during the year. It all happened so fast! The painful thing was that I had planned to spend, at least, a year with the mag. But things changed. He accused me of being nonchalant about the job (after working a whole month in-between as the sole employed writer in the company) and decided to withhold a favour he had promised to deliver when I needed it most. I lost interest, he started ignoring me then had to verbally sack me (on phone) for a minor issue. He called me back and we talked but I decided it was best I left as I knew it wouldn’t end well. He eventually employed about five more people in the department after I left and I heard the last of them has gone as at the time of this post so, I guess I was right not to return.

In any case, the five months I spent there were good and I made new friends with the wonderful people I worked with. Most wanted me to stay but I guess it just wasn’t the right decision for me then. Anyway, I’ve moved on!

Last year, ‘we’ almost broke up, twice! Well, the first one started ‘like play, like play’ and got serious within a couple of days! By Day 4 she was so vexed she said it was over. By Day 5, we were out together, making up! 🙂

I guess it’s just one of those things. Relationships can be crazy and frustrating while at the same time blissful and rewarding. You want the coin, you get both sides of it!

Second time around, she just started acting in a way I couldn’t understand. We hadn’t really had any major arguments so I was really baffled. Wouldn’t pick calls, acted as if I wasn’t that important and all. Guess it was just a phase but I got really mad. I thought she was just trying to lay me off quietly (I later found she was having some personal issues she didn’t want to tell me about) so I decided to shift focus. I met this pretty lady on mobile chat and we got talking and facebooking. Really nice lady, by all means and maybe I would be dating her if I wasn’t already in love with someone else but she remained just a friend. ‘She’ found out about her and soon we had a little war and then made up again so I had to close that chapter. As it is, the roller coaster kinda relationship we’re having is still in full swing but life’s always in phases, right?

Last year, I got outta the country for the first! And no, it wasn’t to the Caribbeans or Sandro Pe, nor was it Dubai or Mumbai! It was… Togo! And then Ghana. It was a kinda impromptu decision as I left for something that didn’t eventually work out but it was a journey I was grateful to God for. It was quite interesting, though. Met a lotta different personalities of different nationalities and that kinda exposure can only serve you well in the long run. Spent three months on the whole out there before coming back to the sanity of a familiar environment.

Well, that’s a recap of major personal ‘events’ in my life in 2012. There are other events I left out but this is all I can really share. Summing up the year in one word: BitterSweet!

Thank you for reading through!

Signing Out!

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