2013/2014 – Thankful

Change is here!

Change is here!

This is my (not-so) regular end of year wrap-up for this year. I did not do one for 2013 so this will be a sort of overlapping review for both years.


In all, there’s been progress in almost all directions. 2013 started with a lot of stress in a strange land but 2014 started with renewed hope. There was a massive difference. By early 2013, I was at ground zero, having to start all over again. A year later, I was planning on some real progress. How things change over a year! I had some useful experience in my 2013 sojourn, though. I went to places I never thought I’d see and met lots of different characters. I also found out the true value of friendships and networks. There are lots of things I have to be thankful for over the course of these years. More detail next.


Well, there was some real progress within the family as well as the regular issues. I was not around from late December 2012 till end of March 2013 and throughout everyone was in touch, even my sis with whom I had unsettled issues before I left. After a real crash-down where I was, rescue came from home, again! I’d say I’m very lucky to have a family like mine because we stick together no matter what, even when we have problems among ourselves.

Events included my immediate elder sis and her hubby had a birthday bash together (they have just one day between their birthdays) just a week after my return which was cool. The regular January 1st party/meeting in 2014 (I missed the last one), two cousins got married in 2013 and one had a baby in 2014. Another cousin’s wedding in late 2014 and a burial of an uncle which I did not attend. I was at almost all events.

Everyone witnessed some sort of progress individually during this period and there will be a lot to be thankful for this New Year’s Day party/meeting at our parents’. 2014 has been really good!


*sigh* Facebook wasn’t what it used to be for me so I did not really have any new active friends on there and even old friends were once-in-a-while chats. However, what did not materialize online, became an offline blessing. Out of the country (it was just a journey to two West African countries o), I met quite a varied number of characters, with only a few of them that could actually remain acquaintances. We don’t even communicate much anymore basically because I really don’t chat much these days.

Back in the country and I had a lot of help from some of my closest friends ever. First, it was one who helped me find my feet a bit with a job I was kinda reluctant to do, and the other fixed me up with a better one. Then some of the other things I’ve been able to do have owed a lot to some of my other close pals.

I lost touch with some of my favorite girls after I came back but met a few new ones and had a renewed contact with some old ones too on a quite regular basis, mostly in 2014.

My list of friends I’m ever grateful to over this period includes:

Krafty: You started me up again. Even if you did not know how much impact you made, just know you made a real impact here. God bless your family.

Kev: Ha! This guy! He’s effortlessly in my list of ‘best people ever’ since I can remember and he just keeps been awesome. I really do not need to say much about him. If you wanna know, just read here.

Dav: He’s more brother than friend at this point. Almost always there. Now that we’re almost always in touch, maybe 2015 would bring the plans to fruition. Thanks bro, for making 2014 a reality that it is now.

Papi: We’re possibly mutually exclusive to each other’s activities, but the psychological boosts from chats and calls and all the encouragements only make for better friendships. I’m still better at PES2013 though! 😉

PeeJhey: Okay, we’ve not been in touch for a while since MiTV days but 2014 had a lot of her in it. And it’s not just the discussions of her courseworks and projects, there was a lot of personal talks and real impact on me, despite being out of the country. She’s been a favorite girl of mine and now she’s even more or less a lil’ sis I never had.

Doyin: Now, here’s a girl I probably would have stolen away, if I could. If there was anything that made me like her more, it was that first meeting on WatchNight after more than 2 years without any sort of contact between us. You would have thought we were best of friends! Very warm personality and ever friendly yet intelligent and pretty. Just perfect for been ‘more than a friend’. Maybe, just maybe…

Other very notable mentions include AB Poet, Seun Tugbi, Eph, Mr. Wale, Mone, Yv, Biggie, Miss Balz, Chizzy, and many others.

Those I’ve truly, truly missed are Presh, Annie, Erl and Omoye (my favorite FB girls), Izy, Wemzy, George, Lawee, and the rest.


BBM was quite interesting, more in 2013 than 2014, when I got well into Wordosaur. I joined this group, got handed admin rights and ran a competition for about 4 months within the group with real cash prizes (or equivalent in airtime). Through this I met loads of wonderful peeps like CaKe, Sayo, Odi, Taiwo, Rukey, Oma and lots more.

Late 2014 saw me in various sports groups with my favorite now the ‘Naija born Gunners’ with a lot of heated arguments about our beloved team. Some favorites on there are Zex, Odi (again), Seun Labiran and FM while major ‘oppositions’ are Big T, 2nero and Aare. We all love the team but we only express our views from different perspectives and that’s what makes the fanbase so much more interesting!


Arsenal, more or less, remained Arsenal…except we shed the now tired tripe of being trophyless. Being Arsenal, though, the narratives just shifted to one trophy in 10 years despite the fact that we added a Community Shield at the expense of the moneyed Man City. All the same 2013 over to 2014 saw some real progress as we led the league for majority of last season before faltering towards the end and we also added two world-class and a bunch of quality players over the two summers.

Barca won the league in 2013 while losing all trophies contested for in 2014. The 13/14 season was especially disappointing as Messi also lost the Ballon D’Or to arch-rival, C. Ronaldo.

Nigeria won the Nations Cup in 2013 and I was able to experience the joy of celebrating in a rival country at the time. It was beautiful! Then we qualified from the group stage of the World Cup for the first time in ages only to be kicked out by France. No shame in that. The shame, however, is not qualifying for the 2015 Nations Cup! Regression has never been so quick!

On the World Cup, I desperately wanted Argentina to win so that my favorite player of all time will be assured of another Ballon D’Or. It wasn’t to be, though, as they lost in the final to a German team that destroyed the host country in the Semis. Three Gunners were in that squad so I celebrated all the same. However, that meant Messi has almost certainly conceded the award to Ronaldo again, who won the UCL and Del Rey as well as the Pichichi, despite being the World Cup’s MVP.

On the individual front, Messi kept breaking records after records and still remains my Number One player of all time. My favorite Gunner over this period has to be our player of the season, Ramsey, who turned on the style in 13/14 and won us the Cup with a lovely strike to down Hull City. And my favorite striker of all time, TH14, called time on his career at the end of 2014. A wonderful career that!

Other individual athletes I really loved this period were my girl, Asisat Oshoala, who took the world by storm in the U20 Women’s World Cup and the African Women’s Nations Cup, as well as our U17 wonderkid, Kelechi Iheanacho! Then my favorite tennis girl’s little sis, Serena rose up to stay No.1 for much of this period. I didn’t see much of other sports so, I round off here.

Business, Work, Financials

Well, I went from zero level to affording to buy what I need when I often need them. That counts as real progress, I suppose. From when I got back from my sojourn, after which I was jobless for about 3 months and being ready to do pretty much anything, I moved to a kind of marketing (a job I do not like for anything!)/supervisory job which I did for another two months. The pay started me off well but the stress was seriously bad so I was switching to teaching (quite reluctantly, I might add) when the offer came and I’m really grateful it did at the time. It’s not my ‘dream job’ by any means but it gave me a lot of things I wanted at the same time. I’ve been on it for over a year now and that says a lot about the guy(s) I work with!

I’m truly grateful for the opportunity, and though there’s so much room for improvement, I’m now far more balanced than I’d have expected when I got back over a year and a half ago. I’m still not yet where I ought to be but I know 2015 can make a very big difference positively and I’m gearing up for that!

Personal business-wise, not much happened. A few freelance stuff and just one small biz with my closest pal summed up all that came in (mostly with the pay still hanging). 2015 is focused more on me steadying on the job so the biz angle might still slow for a while yet, although, my plans are still intact and will be revised from time to time in readiness for any opportunity for execution.


*big sigh* Really, this is an area of my life that needs so much work. I’ve been on the ‘low battery’ level for most of this period. A lot of things really need to change in this aspect, and soon!


Now, the story here is one that I’d not want to tell too much. First, the one I gave my heart to crushed it with a betrayal of trust that is still so hard for me to take. Then the ex before her came over for a weekend during which period I realized I had no feelings for her again (but the body though…)

After that, I entered another relationship with a lady I had crushed on mightily. It was enjoyable for me while it lasted, and being me, I was ready to think long term with her as I felt she was ready for the long haul. She had other ideas, though, and the result was one of the briefest relationships I’ve ever had. It wasn’t even long enough for me to miss her much after we broke up. I simply started feeling the pain of the ex before her (one whom I’d loved so much more than any other).

Next was a relationship that never came to be. She was an interesting one. Someone I thought we shared a lot in common but who turned out not as interested in what I wanted as I initially thought so we just faded away from each other totally.

Beyond these, I found out (quite late, in fact) that my childhood sweetheart, my first love, had passed away. This brought a lot of tears to my eyes and I had to do a little memorial for her here.


In totality, 2013 to 2014 gave me a lot more to be thankful for and I give all the glory to the Almighty! This has been a journey of ups and downs, highs and lows as well as positives and negatives. From here on, as 2015 appears, this is me saying a big THANK YOU to all who have been a part of my journey through the years. I love you all! The new year will be better for us all!

HaPpY nEw YeAr!!!!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


A Remembrance of You

I say goodbye one last time.

I say goodbye one last time.

How do I begin? How do I start to tell the story of love that might have been but never was and, because of what has happened, will never be! It’s really sad! I never heard a thing. And that was because we’ve grown apart and so far away from each other. I know I’ll always have you in my heart because, who ever forgets the first love. You were my first love, even if I never knew what it meant at the time, but I later realized that I did feel something special for you. But now that you’re gone forever, we can’t even get the chance to rekindle such beautiful, hidden romance we once had. I’m beyond tears at this moment but the news of your passing, especially the way I found out, knocked the stuffing out of me! I’ll never forget you! And this post is a way to preserve the memory of you.

The story from the beginning was one of childish antagonism turned secret love affair. We just moved to our new 3-bedroom apartment in Akoka then and I and my immediate elder sis were still schooling at Festac so we only came over once in a while on weekends. It wasn’t long before we moved over finally to begin some of the longest periods I spent in one neighbourhood. The early days are quite foggy but one memory stood out for me. It always has. That fight at the tank downstairs. I hope you remember too. It was serious ‘chicken fight’ and we had a real go at each only to be separated by some of the adults around there. I still can’t remember what caused it but it’s one of my earliest memories of you.

It wasn’t long after that that everyone found out, including both of us, that we were birthmates. Yes! Same day, same month, same year! Then I knew you were always going to be special to me, even if I never wanted to show it. I’m sure finding out such information made us fond of each other, still secretly. We had a thing for each other but never talked about it. We only communicate with the eyes while in the crowd. We never really had time alone but when it’s just you, me and Bashiru, you were always different. I could hold you or touch you.

I remember the teases from Bro. Fatai and Bro. Jako. “Husband and wife,” they’ll say, anytime we were together with everyone and we used to fight against it going at them like we were very mad at the notion although we secretly both liked it. Other variations were “Iyawo Akin” or “Oko Basira” and we would start our tantrums. I grew out of it earlier than you, though. I just stopped responding to it but you were still fighting against any adult that tries to put what we had privately out there in public. I don’t think any of our mates really teased us about it.

I remember that one time when Papa came to our compound to play ball with I and Bashiru. He started telling us that he was going to marry you. I didn’t say anything about it even though I was quite pissed. Later that night, I was in your apartment watching Monsor and Bashiru play that new computer game when Bro. Fatai came in and started teasing you when he saw me there. You rushed to him and started hitting him. Then Bashiru dropped the bombshell! He said that Papa already said he’ll be the one to marry her so you should be ‘Iyawo Papa’. Bro. Fatai played along and you started asking Bashiru when and where Papa made this reference. I was a bit relieved that I was no longer the focus of the teases but I was mad inside that anyone else wanted to have you, much less my close friend.

I needn’t have worried. The following day, Papa came to see me while you were in the passageway playing with some of your friends. I can’t remember those that were there on that day but I guess they were the regulars: Nkechi, Efe and the rest. The moment you sighted him, you challenged him, “Come, Papa, who gave you wife? Are you sure you’re alright? Who do you want to marry?! If I hear such again…!” Or something like that, but you embarrassed him that day. I had to come out of our flat when I heard the noise just before Papa turned back and left. I pitied my friend but felt joy that you had just defended what we had. You wouldn’t let anyone take what we shared, even though many suspected and no one really knew. Except maybe Bashiru. And my sis, Lola. She was a tricky one. Always trying to get us together as much as possible.

I remember the days of ‘Dunlop’. I smile right now just thinking of those moments. ‘Dunlop’ was a game, quite pointless I might add, that we sort of invented where someone shouts “Dunlop!” and jumps on the bed, then the rest follow one on top of the other until last person and we roll over and start again, changing the first person. I remember we never wanted to follow each other even if it was just I, you, Bashiru and Lola. But we would try to feel for each other’s hands or bodies just before the roll over. On one of those fun nights, after we got tired of ‘Dunlop’, Lola came up with the idea of ‘Mummy and Daddy’ and, the matchmaker that she is, paired us together while she and Bashiru were the other family. Each family had a blanket to cover themselves with as their ‘house’. Under our blanket, we shared our very first kiss and held each other as much as we’ve always wanted. It was a night I’d never ever forget because that was the closest I got to you, ever! Other details of that night will be locked in my memories. Needless to say, that was the night I knew you truly felt the same way about me as I felt for you. That night I dared to dream that we would always be together and grow old together. Yes, we never really went to the ‘extreme’ but the closeness I shared with you that night was worth the thought! How wrong I was!

All these happened between the ages of 7 and 12 and I often looked back and thought if we’d grown up together, you would have been my one and only girlfriend, ever! I loved you like that. But it just wasn’t meant to be. You guys moved to your dad’s house, still around Akoka but we never got to see each other as much again. I visited with my siblings once or twice over the next few years but there was really nothing memorable apart from the fact that my heart still fluttered at the sight of you. I never really dropped the feelings I had for you. They just moved into my subconscious and resurfaced every single time I see you after that. Once just after I was through with WAEC and the other at your mom’s housewarming around Meiran when I was in my third year in the University. I still felt the same way about you. Even after two different relationships. I never knew how you felt, though. We never discussed it, even after I got your number and started calling every once in a while. You seemed like you’d moved on from our pre-teen romance and, though it was kinda sad for me, I couldn’t begrudge you for that.

We didn’t contact each other for a while until around 2011 when you gave me your BB PIN and we started chatting a bit on the regular. I remember that one time I asked about ‘the guy’ and told you if he wasn’t fast enough to snap you up, I’d just appear from nowhere and pack all the yams, palm oil and fruits to your parents and steal you away. You just laughed. I wished I had been capable then. I was in transition between relationships and I think I might have tried to start something with you. I moved on to someone else but I was still bothered you weren’t ‘off the market’ yet. After a while we just totally stopped communicating. I think I called once since that time, just to say ‘Hi’, besides the customary SMS I send on our birthday. It was almost obvious we were never going to be together because we’d grown apart but I still want to keep in touch anytime I think of you.

Today was one of those days when I thought of you and decided to check on you on Facebook and probably call you later to ask for your new PIN because you were no longer on my contacts list. I just wanted to know how you were faring and maybe see if you’re still available. I’ve never thought of myself as someone who can handle inter-religious marriage. I deeply respect those brave people who make it work. I naturally believe that there are too many things to work out between couples in a marriage before now adding the religious aspect into the mix. But with you I was willing to make an exception, if we ever had the chance. I always told anybody I spoke to about you that you were the only girl I could have ever gotten married to as a non-Christian and I would be willing to try and work it out. You were that special to me!

Imagine my horror, sadness and depression when I found condolence messages on your wall. I was shocked to the marrows! I couldn’t utter anything as I scrolled down the messages, hoping to see a response from you that all’s well and you appreciate the messages. I never wanted to accept that they were talking about you! It’s been 2 months. October 9th, to be precise. And I was just finding out today. I didn’t cry. My state of shock was too deep to bring tears to my eyes. That would come later, I know. I motioned through the day and knew I had to do this.

This is my remembrance of you, my dear soulmate! This is where I’ll come to share time with you now. I loved you like I’ve never loved anyone else! Even if the relationship was hidden and short-lived, you still existed in my subconscious.

You will forever live in my memories!

Rest in Peace, my darling!

Adieu, Bas’rat Yakub!

The last picture I personally took.

The last picture I personally took.


I’ve been off here for a while now and it had to do with a whole lot of different things. Last week was a very busy week for me so I never really got the time to think up what to write. I know, I was actually very lazy about it but really it wasn’t a week that I could think creatively in the area of writing so I never bothered. The zodiac posts and jokes have also suffered out of my laziness to even open my blog. Anyway, I’m back and, funny enough, my post today has something to do with the ‘busy’ week.

Winning…everyone loves it! It’s a fact! When you were in high school and those snobs called you a loser is actually different from playing the game and really losing. See, everyone likes to identify with a winner. That’s when you hear people who you’ve never met before tell you things that you don’t even know about yourself. My friend does that all the time. Being an entrepreneur, he likes to make the right connections, so he studies successful people he wants to get in touch with. He gleans all he can about them and when he finally gets the chance to meet them, he talks to them about things they sometimes haven’t even heard about themselves and there he gets their attention. Sincerely, if you want to be successful in any field, you need mentors and the right connections. This is a winning method!

Through one of those connections, my friend got a job to set up at an event for one of those successful guys. This is #Winning!. Well, the main gist is that yours truly got invited to the same event. I was actually part of my friend’s crew to the event (I’ve got lots of affiliations o.) Anyway, we had just wrapped up at a very successful high class 3-day event (told you last week was busy) and taken a single day rest (spent planning and strategizing). So this particular event (an overnite party) was a little tasking but my friend, being extremely passionate about his business and highly energetic, kept providing the needed ‘ginger’. We were ready before the event started and the early birds were already feeling the touch of ‘gaming with class’ we offered.

Party started and things were going smoothly. The M.C. was on point and the various acts invited on stage did their best. Now, a key part of the event was a raffle draw to hold at the latter part. The ushers brought the raffle sheets for us to fill in our details (#Winning marketing strategy.) Note here that I never like to do these raffle and promo things as I never get to win. But seeing as this one costs me nothing more than putting pen to paper, I did and dropped the sheet on a table somewhere. I continued with whatever I was doing before, playing games, chatting with friends, scoping those chicks in skirty and leggy things.

Suddenly, as the show was winding down, the guy handling the raffle draw (Kunle Afolayan, if you know him), drew out the first sheet and called out the name. I wasn’t concentrating at first but when I heard “Going, going, gone!”, as the person failed to respond, I felt he just called my name and I’d missed out on the prize. Amazingly, the next sheet he brought announced turned out to be…yea, you guessed right, Yours Truly! I was so surprised to hear my name ring out in the vast hall with everyone waiting to see who the #Winning! name belonged to. I ran and almost fell on my way with the crowd going “Haaaa!!!” I got on stage, verified my phone number and received the prize. #Winning feels good I tell you!

At that point, it actually didn’t matter to me if I’d won a pen or a car (I was hoping it was an iPad2 sha o), the fact that there were so many people in that hall and I was singled out, albeit in a raffle, as a winner, meant more. #Winning brings such a great positive feeling. All my friends were grinning from ear to ear. While I was walking back, I heard a guy say, “Bros, na both of us dey play game there na. How far?” #Winning! 😉

I guess you’re expecting me to say that I suddenly woke up from the dream feeling down but nothing like that happened! :P. This one is real life. I did win something in a raffle after all these years of trial and error. The days of collecting Maggi wrappers, Maltina raffle draws, Coca-Cola promos, even 7-Up sef! I’d given up that I’m just not born to win anything with some sort of lottery attached to it. Now I have new hope. Baba Ijebu is looking like a potential pot of gold! *side eye*

Well, that’s my little #Winning story. In all, what I want you to know is #Winning really does feel good and I want that thot to drive you to achieve. The key part of this story is that #Winning takes strategy and planning. You need to know what you’re doing. Find your passion and roll with it. My friend is pushing his and I can tell you he’s #Winning all the way. You’ll hear enough about him, about us, next year, just watch out! Our mentality is #Winning! Make it yours too!

This is a little toast to the LaKraft Entertainment crew who made last week interesting for me. Krafty (C.E.O.), Oaktan (C.O.O.), Sarah, Elesh and Opa, we’re #Winning all the way! Bigger things to come!

Signing Out!!!

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9/11: A Simple Tribute

I know there’ll already be lots of posts about 9/11 at this time but my reason for writing this is to pay a simple tribute. Lots of 9/11s have come and gone since the major one (can’t believe it’s up to 10 already), and each one has something different for everybody. For some, it will always remind them of their dead loved ones, for some others, it’s a day to celebrate life (I have two birthday boys) and to some still, it’s a day to remember one of the finest ‘pressers of the word’ as he quits blogville.

I try to remember where I was on 9/11/01 but I don’t think it was somewhere really significant like that. I remember the January ’02 bomb blast more (of course!), but I recall 9/11 generated a lot of debate back then in school. How did it happen? Who could’ve been intelligent enough to hit the world’s superpower like that? What would the U.S. do? Well, we all know the story now and all we have left is this remembrance. I didn’t lose anyone I know in that incident but I really feel the pain of those who did. I know what it is to lose someone you love and respect so much and, hence, will continue to sympathize with them every year.

Before I go on, I’d like to say this: I don’t know what it’s like to celebrate on a day remembered more worldwide by an act of terrorism but I do know that amidst all the evil happening around us, we still need a reason to find happiness and celebrate life. So, despite all the 9/11 drama, I say Happy Birthday to two of my very good friends; AbPoet and Michael, and the rest of those who have something good to celebrate every 9/11. Keep giving us a reason to smile when there seems to be sadness all around us.

Ok, after all that’s said, the last 9/11 is actually my reason for writing this. It’s the day my Blogville RM chose to exit blogville for reasons he seems to believe warrant his exit. I refuse to accept his decision to leave but when he has other personal reasons, who can argue that? So I decided to write a lil’ history of myself and him just to let him know he can’t leave some of us, no matter how he tries (we won’t even let him die! Go ask ‘Viral Encephalitis’!!)

So here goes…

I joined the school in JS2 after a harrowing experience in boarding school in my first year of junior secondary. I was in B class and he was in A. I didn’t know much about him ‘cos I don’t mix too well back then. I think the only times we crossed paths were on the football field. Safe to say, we weren’t much of friends in junior secondary. Then fate put us together in Science class by the time we got to senior secondary. And even though we each had our closer circle of friends, we hit it off well. We had almost the same interests. We both play football very well (I always imagined us as playing 9 & 10 in the same team.) We both played table tennis averagely. We both loved Ma$e & Puff Daddy. We both had very good sense of humor (which most times decide the kinda friends we roll with) and we were both brilliant (in our own rights), though he more than me (as records proved.)

I fail to remember when we ever had a fight (pls remind me on a comment here, Kev), but I remember those days of Mega Games, draught games on our desks, table tennis with the dining tables, going to the Udofias’ at Allen and much more. I remember we were also in the same house (Perseverance all the way!!!) My memories of those days are quite very vague but I know we had it going back then. He graduated as the third best (yes, if u didn’t know) to the surprise of many as there were supposed to be two or three guys before him in the academic order. It simply showed his capacity to outrun the best.

Out of high school, we lost touch but not for too long. The email rush entered Naija with Y2K and we resumed communication. Through that, he showed me how to get a free personal website (on freeservers) after I checked out his. Our online correspondence was quite consistent until the blackout! We we were both in our different worlds, so it wasn’t really unusual. Didn’t know what happened until another friend of ours told me he heard about it. I can remember thinking how bad it would be to lose a whole month of one’s life. It wasn’t until we met at a reunion we had two years later, that he told us it was worse than that. Reading the full story on his (supposed) last post on his blog (read here), I felt the emotions run through my being. Losing him would have meant the loss of a true gem and we (I mean all of us who’ve gotten to know him) know the value of that.

He’s one of the reasons I came into blogsville. He has often encouraged me to write something, especially since he found out about the mag project. Through him I met a lot of intelligent and beautiful friends. We even had an interesting ‘crew’ on FB before he quitted for Twitville (hell, d guy’s developing an annoying habit of quitting social platforms after hooking people up!)

He’s everything u perceive him to be; handsome, witty, funny, intelligent, brilliant, crazy, annoying, friendly, emotional, loving (his ‘mistresses’ should attest to that), God-fearing and very supportive of his friends! He’s the one & ONLY…


…Kev!!!! (Sorry to burst your #WithAnL bubb_e…:o)… )

U guys can go now. I’m done with my simple tribute. The rest of this post is for ‘our’ eyes only! Thank u!!

*Now talking to Kev*

Ok, my man, it’s time for confessions…*now singing Usher’s ‘Confessions Pt. 2’* Well, here they are:

1. About that hole in ur head, ur fam really tried with the ‘liquid in the spine’ story. That’s classic! The truth is, I drilled it! After they found u unconscious, I was told u were in the hospital and decided to take the opportunity. I had to take a little part of ur brain and it turned out to be the part with ur memories! So sorry mayne, but I saw a lotta things…

2. Remember the girl u saw X with after u returned to school? Yea, that one he was with in the room…she was ur gf but u just couldn’t recognise! X, confess now!!

3. We actually had to battle the monster V.E. to keep u alive. The real Voltron force came to the rescue led by Rated_X (Keith), prec1ous (Hank), Anniefertiti (Lance), me (Pidge) and misjuwa (Princess). We were almost defeated (which was why u died the 2nd time) but we eventually did the job *hi-5s*.

4. I was wondering why I kept having nightmares of dancing flames, now I know! 😉

5. And I realize I used to be saner before the ‘hole in the head’. I must’ve taken some part of the ‘crazy’ section of ur brain. I hope to return them soon sha.

6. There’s nothing more to add…

Anyways, this is just a way of saying thanks for the little things you did to push me up. And don’t forget, u’ll be a guest on here soon so…

I hope u realise that ur main focus should be on fulfilling the purpose for which He kept u alive. U know what it is already so just keep working hard at it!

Here’s where I drop anchor for now.

Thank you for reading thus far. You can finally leave (I knew u’d still be here.)

P.S.: I’m thinking, we could have a special holiday to celebrate 9/11 in blogville. It could be called Ho_iday #WithAnL!

I’m Out!!! (Finally! *sigh*)

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