Letter 2 My Unborn Child

This one's for you

This one’s for you

My Sweet Baby,

This is my letter to you before you were conceived. It’s a way of getting out a few things off my mind and probably lay a foundation for some other things too. I know you might think I was probably inspired by the great rap icon, Tupac (I expect you would’ve heard about him by the time you get to read this), and that’s correct, at least with the title.

It’s been a long while since I actually wrote anything personal and I felt this was a very good way for me to pick up on my writing again. As you would’ve noticed, I put this up on my blog, yea, Daddy has a blog (if that’ll still be in vogue then) and I did write a bunch of stuff before this, but this is like the most important of the lot. Why?! Did you really ask that? Well, because it’s written to you, that’s why! You, along with your siblings (as well as your mom, mind you) are the most important part of my future life! That is, my life now as you’re reading this.

Anyway, now that we’ve gotten the ‘why’ out of the way, next up is the ‘what’. What exactly do I want to say to you? On this point I may have to sound like the great rapper mentioned earlier and ask for help from the Lord.

Let’s see… Where do I start?

Ok, first and foremost, you need to know that at the time of putting down this letter, I still do not know who your mom will be, but I can assure you she’ll be a great woman. I promise you that. Well, you’ll expect that I should’ve been very serious with her before ‘penning’ this letter but as it is kinda hard these days to find someone trustworthy and good enough to be your mom, as well as a wife to me, I wouldn’t let that hold me back from communicating with you. I may have to write you an update when she’s finally decided but for now, just know she’ll be awesome, okay?

By the way, I should mention that there’s actually someone who I’m hoping will be your mom ‘cos she’s really good with kids and I’m so sure she’ll qualify as what you’ll call a supermom, :D! But the thing is, she’s not made her mind up yet, so I still can’t introduce her to you at this time. Whatever happens, there’ll still be a story to tell and your mom will still be the best like I promised so, that’s for that.

Moving on, what was dad like before you guys were born? Well, he was just like any other normal guy out there. Grew up in a loving family (guess you must’ve known that by now, seeing as you would always look forward to having your cousins over or going over to their place), struggled with life for a while and eventually made something of himself. I need to let you know that you kids are my primary drive to achieve all that I achieved. I always want the best for you and would do anything positive to ensure that! At the moment, dad’s just picking up from ground level and by the time you’re reading this, you may not understand what that is but believe me when I tell you, life’s not a bed of roses. You have to work hard, work smart to get to where you want to be.

When you’re reading this, you’re probably going to one of the best schools around and having almost anything you need available but you need to understand that all this is privileged and you must appreciate that fact. Important still, you must make the best of what you have at the moment. Use them as leverage to make you the best person you can be. I know I must’ve told you several times already but let me tell you here again, never let pride into your life. Be proud of who you are and where you’re from but never let it get into your head so much that you look down on people.

Like I initially said, the life you live now is privileged so never miss an opportunity to make an impact in someone’s life. Give as much as you can as often as you can. You will discover that you grow more naturally that way. You will also learn that it is alright to teach what you know to those who don’t. It helps to broaden your own knowledge. Always assist someone when you’re in the position to, most especially those close to you. I hope the wise words, “Charity begins at home” hasn’t worn out by the time you read this. Based on this, you need to take care of your siblings very well.

To that point, you have to be careful when helping your siblings because caring for someone may be misconstrued as doing everything for them but that isn’t the case. Like you will already know by now, your mother and I have trained you to be able to think for yourself. That is far more important than us doing everything for you. So you need to understand that rather doing their homework for them, it’s better to teach them how it should be done and let them do it for themselves.

Another thing you must understand, never stop learning. If you’re the best in your class (as I expect you are), do not rest on your oars and think you’re done and dusted. There’s still so much to learn. If you’re just ‘among the best’, then you already know there’s work to do for you to stand out. Never stop striving for excellence. You need to believe you can be the best in everything you do but do not let failure get you down. Every letdown teaches you something so always learn from your failures. They often remind us that we’re humans and might actually be ‘speed bumps’ helping us to slow down and look around. I’ve learnt over time that there’s nothing that teaches like experience and that is just a compilation of our errors of the past.

On experience, you do not always have to learn through your own mistakes. The best way to learn from experience is often through other people’s own. You need to read, and read a lot too. It’s okay to have preferences but keep in mind that what doesn’t add to you most probably takes away from you so you need to be very careful. But then again, there’s always something to learn if you keep an open mind.

As for relationships, you’ll learn a lot more as you grow older but for now, you should know that your association with other people can be very important for the future. Keep friends that are actually worth the memories, let others pass through and try as much possible not to leave any negative impressions. People will always form an opinion about you but just do your best to do the right thing at all times. You should always look to make a positive impact in the lives of people that cross your path, even if it’s for a brief moment. It could be something as intangible as helping an old lady across the road or a piece of advice to an acquaintance.

When it comes to you, never let people’s opinion of you hold you back. Try as much as possible to discover who you truly are: your strengths and weaknesses, your likes and dislikes, and stuff like that. Let that be the passion that drives you. Learn to stay positive like I know I will always tell you. Optimism is a good thing to have. There’s always a bright side to everything, try to look at that. Build your self esteem. You have to like who you are and always work towards being a better person.

Always listen to your mum and I, we always want what’s best for you and your siblings and we know what we’re doing. When we chastise you, don’t ever think that we don’t love you because no one will ever love you all like we do. But you will do things that need to be corrected and we will employ different means of correction as you grow older. It’s all just our own little contributions to making you better individuals. Listen to what we tell you and do what you are told to do on time. You should already know how open we are to you so feel free to talk to us about anything and everything. It is important that you’re close to us.

Finally, put God first in everything you do! I cannot stress this enough. By now I expect you already know how seriously I and your mum take the issue of your Christian life. You must have a close relationship with the Almighty and maintain it. He will always be there when we can’t and there’s no better person to guide you than Him. Pray everyday, because that’s how you talk to Him. Read your Bible, because that’s how you learn from and about Him. Find time to meditate, because that’s how you listen to Him. Stay active in church, because that’s how you give Him your service. Always remember, there’s nothing bigger than Him.

So, that’s it. That’s all I have to say for now. I’ll try to write you another letter most likely for a more specific purpose. I hope you were able to learn a few more things in this. This is my first ever letter to you. Keep it close to your heart.

Thank you for reading through, my dear. I love you always!

You're always a part of me!

You’re always a part of me!