Turn Down for WHAT?!

Here’s something you guys might like from my blogworld mentor. So real, so true, so Sirkastiq!!!

I’m not even happy this morning.

Like I can’t even take this thing again. It’s just downright annoying and so I’ve decided to come talk about It here with the hope that the specie to whom this behaviour is commonplace with can fix up.

If you’ve ever loved a girl, then you’re probably familiar with heartbreak. The two are almost mutually inclusive as you cannot have one without the other. Note that I didn’t say “if you’re in a relationship” This is because these days, you don’t even have to be in a relationship to have your heart shattered into a million minute fragments. I’m just tired. Now don’t get it twisted, I’m not of the opinion that hearts shouldn’t be broken but my grouse is that if you’re going to do something so life defining, at least put some effort into it. Don’t just toss the nigga into a…

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Don't get trapp'd!

Don’t get trapp’d!

This is a post I wrote last year. Just going through my drafts and found it. I think it’s the best one to start off again with. Enjoy, and comment if you will.


Been a while. Yea, yea, I can start talking about a lot of water passing under the bridge but you will be seeing a lot more of that soon as the rains have decided to finally suspend the strike in solidarity with the ‘homecoming’ of the prodigal sons of the medical profession. Ok, maybe not exactly the prodigal setting but you get my drift, don’t you? Oh, those of you who play Asphalt know how much points I can get for that, right?

Damn, I’m pen-rusty! To think that I’ve been writing even on my leave from here, and I still sound so rusty?! What have I been doing??!!

*quiet time for meditation*

**you don’t have to stay silent with me, just keep on reading while I meditate**

Yea, I’m done. Ok, what am I s’posed to be talking about today? Emmm… *scrolling up to see the title* Ok, yea, (how many times have I used those two words already? I really AM rusty!) ‘Trapp’d’. How did I think this up? Well… I think I was watching this video I recorded on my phone of a rat (one of those large ones) I caught with that gummy mouse trap, and I thought… Trapp’d! Yea!!! Believe it or not, it’s nothing special. Both the formation of the title and the catching of the rat/mouse (spot the difference.)

Actually, I may be able to do something useful with the title tho’. Let’s see… *putting thinking glasses in position* Yea! (again?!) Let’s go. *putting thinking shoes on*

Being trapped physically is a serious torture, moreso for the claustrophobic. Imagine yourself buried beneath a pile of rock at a mining site or getting cornered by Tom & four cats with no escape hole anywhere in the wall behind you (if you were Jerry.) The feeling is unimaginable! Ok, maybe it’s imaginable. Fear, anxiety, fading hope. And almost everyone has experienced some form of being trapped but no kind of trapping is as bad as mental entrapment.

*This continues after a month of the written texts above*

Getting mentally trapped is, in many ways, very dangerous. It comes in many forms but it simply limits your ability to achieve. Imagine a group of people who believe that when just one person in their midst becomes really wealthy, the rest are meant to worship and feed from him. They simply can’t break free! They’ll die in abject poverty without even knowing they could have been better.

It’s the same for many who feel they must work that 9-to-5 to survive in life. To these ones, getting sacked = suicide! Mental Entrapment. Then there’s also the majority who believe if the government doesn’t set the economy right (which has an occurrence probability of less than 1%), they’ll never be able to ‘make it’. These are the ones that go day to day grumbling about the next government action that fails to resolve another issue at a time when they are supposed to be bothered with how to be productive.

The mental trap does not exclude the rich. In fact, theirs is worse! The fear of losing the ‘little’ that they’ve gathered is very real to them that they barely sleep at night. They lose sight of the fact that giving is the best way to keep receiving and material things are just that. Materials. To be used, especially for benefit. The same goes for those in power. The mental trap is what gets them drunk and makes them always want to ‘sit tight’. It’s crazy. They’re crazy! Mentally trapped people are!

You only need to understand the capacity and potential of people to realize how crazy it is to trap oneself in a particular mental condition. The truth is each and every one of the above group of people can do better and actually make the world more livable.

If you read this and it speaks to you in a special way, all you need to know is, you can do better. You’re set up to add something to wherever you find yourself and you really can’t do it all. We’re meant to have seasons. There’s a time to lead and there’s a time to follow. There’s a time to give and there’s a time to take. Impact is what we’re supposed to make. Lives are supposed to be changed after any contact with us. If we can see this we can make it better.

Think about it!

Break free from the crowd mentality!

Break free from the crowd mentality!