Re: End of an Era

As a reply to this post I put up some time ago, my very good friend, Oluwanifemi, has decided to send in his opinion. It’s all about what seems to be the dying embers of Barca’s dominance. Agree or disagree, he’s got his points. Read and comment. Thanks!


Okay, so you think Barca should be given another season to prove their brilliance? I think they were always destined to be disgraced in Europe someday. So, Bayern beating them is not a ruse, it’s rather an eye opener and more of it is on the way if Barcelona don’t do something fast.

You’d agree that matches are won based on the brilliance and capability of a coach. What tactical methods you employ, your ability to evaluate the defensive and attacking strength and weaknesses of your opponent measured against your ability to curb or stifle any attack as well as your ability to exploit inconsistencies or inabilities in their defence. Your tactical abilities therefore, might go a long way in demoralizing, exposing, demolishing and exemplifying your opponent (of course you would never consider refereeing errors and this has happened to decide some matches much to the chagrin of the aggrieved teams,you hear it everyday, Webb has come again and so on.)

In other words, success or failure is measured by how effectively you can study and understand your opponents (barring luck and unforeseen mishaps). Also, every team is built according to the ideals of the manager and it is by virtue of this that coaches either become legends or colossal failures. Take for instance Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea team of 2004-2006. Then, he built a direct, brutal, winning machine relying on the strength of a brilliant defence and an equally magnificent goalkeeper. Remember also his Inter treble winning team of 2010, a team anchored on the strength of tri-quartista Thiago Motta and Wesley Sneijder, a team that trumped Barca in the semis before going on to win the finale in Rome, records were broken, the seemingly impossible was done. I can go on giving examples.

Barca, on the other hand, are built solely on Messi. I admit that he’s an exemplary player, a true legend and a god of the round leather game, but have you noticed that they tend to lose or misfire whenever he’s not there to motivate his team mates, like in the Quarters finals of this year’s UCL against Paris Saint Germain. Now, all the top clubs in Europe know this and all they have to do is keep the magician at bay and Barca is lost. Chelsea did it in the semi finals last year and while Chelsea’s feat might border somewhat on luck and negative football, you saw what Bayern Munich did to Barca last season, all because Messi and Xavi were harried all over the pitch and kept under control throughout the match,Barca lost their invincibility and were demoralized thoroughly.

At this time, I think it’s fitting to say it’s only the Mallorcas and the Zaragozas of Europe that will continue losing to Barca, the heavyweights in Europe now know how to rubbish Barca’s so-called brilliance (count Manchester United and Arsenal out of course) and unless someone is brought in to lighten the responsibility placed on Messi, and therefore create the possibility of switching to another game plan whenever Messi’s stifled or better still become a joker (a secret weapon), Barcelona will continue to suffer at the hands of the elite teams in Europe.

A few days ago though,a new Brazilian god was announced and unveiled at Camp Nou. He’s to lighten the responsibilities on Messi and complement the four times Ballon d’or winner, they said. The man, Neymar, someone who at 21 has performed amazing feats at Santos (another one man team). It remains to be seen how well he’d do at Barca though, because, inspite of all the hype and the noise, Europe is never and will never be like Latin America.


Thank you, Oluwanifemi.

By the way, he’s also offered to send in some more sports analysis soon, so expect a little bit of consistency from Issues and Tissues! Yay!

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