Fool’s Treasure


It is always like a dream when you think you’ve found a treasure you’ve so much cherished without even seeing it before. You have an idea what it looks like but you just haven’t seen it physically. Then you find it! But what a sad drama when you discover, after years of keeping it safe and sound, cherishing and taking care of it, that it was a fake! Yeah, it had been a phony treasure all along!! You feel someone must’ve played a cruel joke on you, replacing the original somewhere along the line despite your 24/7 attention to this treasure. But, no, what’s fake is fake, & must’ve been all along ‘cos u never took your eyes off it. Not for a single moment. When you moved, it moved with you. When you eat, it sat there looking you right in the eye. When you’re in the crowd, you’re always feeling for it in that hunter’s pouch you carried it about in! Then, what must’ve happened?! Alas, you’ve been carrying a fake all along! Not replaced but fake…from Day 1!!!

Now, out of annoyance, you throw it out the window during your train ride to the city, never to see it again! You’re so mad with yourself for spending so much time and care on a phony treasure. It’s really crazy how you felt about something that’s so unreal. You must’ve been stupid to think you could find such a treasure you’ve only dreamt of in your sleep.

Just two hours into your five-hour train ride, you start missing your lovely treasure. Yea, it’s fake but you’ve spent so much time taking care of it, it could as well have been real! Suddenly, you just don’t care whether it was fake or real, you just want to have your treasure back and take care of it some more. You just want it to be there when you need a companion. You miss it so terribly and you start to feel sorry for throwing it out the window at first thought. You wish myou could turn back time but that is one thing that is quite impossible…or is it? In your saddened state, you cry a little till you fell asleep.

Honk, honk!! The sound of the train reaching its final destination, and the crowd pushing their way out of it, wakes you up. You slept off the remainder of the way and you feel your head throbbing. Reflexively, you reach your hand into your pouch and… There!!! You found a miracle! Your cherished treasure is right in there! How come? You try to think back but just couldn’t. How did it get back in there? You were so sure you threw it out the window but, maybe it was just a dream. Whatever happened you cared a lot less about. What matters most is that your lovely treasure is back in your arms and this time, it doesn’t matter what version of the treasure you had in your hands. The important thing is your treasure’s back, never to leave again. You would make sure of that. Even if it was phony, you’ve invested a lot of time on it and you can’t just let that go for nothing. No! It will remain with you for as long as you live! There! That’s that!!

But then, you just missed a great opportunity to find the true treasure… Too bad!

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