Hiatus Explained

Yea, that's where I've been

Yea, that’s where I’ve been

Ok, it’s been how long now? April, May,… August! Almost five months! Wow! :O :/

This is serious o! What really happened? I’m kinda feeling ‘excuseless’ right now but I feel I owe you guys an explanation so here’s a rather weak attempt at one.

*adjusting turban, looking around the room with all the paparazzi and cameras, winking at the pretty girl in the corner*

First thing is… I’m lazy!!! Yea! Said it! It’s out now! I am! Very lazy in fact. How did bI know? Really?! Are you actually asking me that??!! Of course everyone says it. My family says it, my close friends say it, hell, even my girlfriend has had cause to tell me to my face! If I don’t accept it as a fact by now then there would no worse denial than that and I won’t have learnt a thing.

Yea, I actually just read a book called ‘Denial’, thanks to my ex-boss, and if there’s one thing the book has taught me, it is that you shouldn’t deny any fact staring you in the face. So, yea, I’m lazy, and the scary thing is… I’m loving it!!! Really scary! Especially when you recall the popular slogan you will find on most ‘danfos’ back then, “No Food for Lazy Man”. Never mind that I may have been eating well so far but it still scares me all the same.

Well, other things have been in play all this while too with the new job taking so much out of me as I was trying to get my mojo back so I can really finally impress my boss. But the darn thing left me throughout my time there! S**t!! If I ever get it back it better give a better (loving the wordplay or is it just pun?) explanation than I’m giving here or else…

Also involved were lots of incidents that drained me financially and, worse still, emotionally till I finally lost all the passion I had for the job and left it. Or was it the job that left me? Hm! Whichever ways, we were both better off without each other so in one sense, I’m not apologetic about it in any way.

And that leads to the second thing… I’m job-less!!! Yea, you read that right! Outta job! Well, it’s not really like I’m not busy tryna make money right now (which I seriously am) but I don’t have a 9-5 no more (or is it 8-7? Can’t really put a range to it these days). I think this explains better why I’m back here and hope to be more consistent (if I don’t laze away soon). Now, I’ve always had issues with normal jobs but I actually thought I’d found one that could actually give me a push but, it wasn’t meant to be. So sad. *sobbing, crying, shedding (croc) tears* 😦

Anyway, I’m almost over that now and ready for a new challenge, of which, this time money must dey o, ehn-ehn. Just in case you think you have a ‘new challenge’ I’d be interested in. And I’m not talking ‘daily survival’ money, I mean ‘turn my life around’ money, just to clarify :D. I’m open to almost anything you can come up with that requires thinking, organizing, planning, linking, writing, and stuff like that…

Wait!!! How did an explanation about why I’ve been away for so long turn into me doing ‘fine bara’ for ‘runs’. Oh well, it’s still my blog and I’d do any darn thing I want with it so… Sue me! No, don’t. Just kidding. *broke ass*

Well, that’s it. That’s all I have to say for my hiatus from Issues & Tissues for so long. I hope to be back for good this time so expect some consistency from my lazy butt while I try to catch up with time. I think I have a lot to talk about, if I can get myself to think them up and put them down. Let’s see! It feels good to be back (haven’t I said that somewhere before?)

That’s all for now.

*bowing on stage to an empty audience*

SeryxMe. Signing Out (or In or Off, warreva)!!! *falling off the stage and passing out*

Now I'm back!

Now I’m back!