New Things

Brand New!

Brand New!

After disappearing from here for such a long time without offering any advance notice to you guys like Lade did, it feels like an AWOL. But seriously it’s all for a good cause. Remember I talked about something very important that’d be taking a lot of dedication from me this year in a previous post? Well, yea, let’s just say God didn’t let me wait too long and now it’s a case of ‘Omo wa’se o r’ise’ like my people say. Anyways, I’m back here and all I can bring is a couple of New Things.

Ok, you know whatever I’m gon’ talk about has to be new, right? Not necessarily, but then how can I talk about something new when “there’s nothing new under the sun”? Luckily, I’m typing this (oh, writing days are gone! Typing rules now, baybay!!!) just before 6am so the sun isn’t out yet, I could just get something new since I’m “under the moon” right now. But shouldn’t I be “over the moon” since I’ve got something new to talk about? Ok, I just looked out the window and there’s even no moon out there. :((. Oh well, I guess as long as I’m not under the sun I can write on (read that as ‘type on’) new things. :p

After all that rambling, again, I’m not sure what I’ve been talking about in the last two paragraphs and I’ve developed this annoying habit of not ‘reading’ my articles for ‘proof’ of idiocy (you know what that is), you’ll just have to bear with me. And I still don’t know how to draft these disclaimers! DEMM!!! (Or is it ‘damn!’? The former sounds like how people say it tho’.)

Anyway, to the crux of the post, new things can be good things or bad, depending on exactly what they are. Like there’s a difference between having a new baby or a new car and having a new tumor grow on the side of your head. They’re all new, right? You get the drift. But even then you have to go further to discover that some ‘potentially good’ new things can be bad new things in disguise. Like switching jobs (which is most often a good thing, higher pay and all) and your new boss makes the ones in ‘Horrible Bosses’ look like saints! Yea! You see, those things happen. But generally new things are often good things.

I’ve had a couple of new things this year tho’. A new job (the reason for my hiatus), new colleagues (obviously that comes with the job), new close friend (or is it biz partner I’ll call her now), new ways of looking at things (never mind my usual rambling at the beginning of this article, I mean, post), and a couple of other new stuff. One thing I’ve learnt is that you can’t always replace the old with the new but you can always find a space to fit the new in to help you up the ladder of life. Sometimes, it is not even in the way of wisdom to do an overhaul, you could just create an access path for the new to make the most impact on you without necessarily changing everything about you.

Truth is, not everything about you needs a renewal. Change is constant and we’ll always get new things, whether we want them or not, from little inevitable things like new growth of hair after a shave to major deliberate things like getting a new house or car. But we should always appreciate these things with a more thankful heart and be able to discern which ones are REPLACEMENTS and which ones are just SUPPORT AND BACK-UP. For me, a new job is not a replacement of my dreams, it is a rung on the ladder to achieving them. Look at the new things you’ve had this year and find out which ones are have been placed in the wrong category. It could determine how well that new thing will work in your life. Remember, new things can be good or bad but in the end, it’s all about perception. There’s a difference between having a baby when you’ve been married for about ten years without one and when you’re still in secondary school. The first sounds like a miracle while the second is most likely tagged ‘a disgrace’ but if looked at critically, bringing a child to the world is one of the most wonderful mysteries, no matter the circumstances! Appreciating a new challenge could make the difference between your stepping up and making the most of it or capitulating in the face of it.

In all, new things happen everyday to everybody everywhere but not everybody everywhere appreciate them everyday. A new look at things could help you get to the level you really want to be and also affect people around you positively.

In any case, I hope everybody at Arsenal FC gets to read this as we REALLY need a new trophy in that cabinet A.S.A.P. Ok, so that’s the long and short of the whole story! New things, Gunners, please!!!

Well, thanks for reading through, however rusty the write-up (sorry type-up) was. Bear with me. And, by the way, I wasn’t referring to my boss up there, in case you were getting any funny ideas. He’s the reason why I’m back here today so he’s not even nearly as bad as he wants to make us believe he is. It really feels good being back here. Oh, the sun’s almost up! Let me put this up before it’s officially ‘not new’!

Note: Read this anywhere that is not ‘under the sun’ to really get the idea. Oh sh*t! You’re done reading. Well, re-read!!!

Signing Out!!!

There's still so many more...

There’s still so many more…