Lookin’ Back: Revelations

Almost in!

Almost in!

This is the last post on this blog this year and it’s meant to look at the year in retrospect. A lot has happened through the year and I’ve decided to do a sorta recap. It’s a chance to know a lil’ bit more about me. It’s from different angles but I hope it inspires you to look at your life in much the same way and analyse how well you’ve fared while finding points to thank God for.

Here goes…


The year has been good so far. Thank God for His protection, love and care. I’ve had a beautiful ‘family year’ that started with the regular New Year’s Day Family Reunion. It was a very lovely experience wrapping up with a heart-to-heart session that improved the bond among us.

Low point was the loss of my mum’s immediate younger sis. It was so saddening because it happened on the day her second son was having a naming ceremony. One of the ‘slump-and-die’ cases, it was too close to home. I pray she rests in perfect peace. Another more bearable loss was that of my maternal grandpa. As the man was already over a hundred, it was high time he took his leave so it wasn’t too painful. Already buried, the ceremony proper (we are Africans na…:D) will be next year. Can’t wait to make the journey to Ekiti once more.

Beyond these, the year was just normal. One of my cousins got married and my mom did her 60th. Those were extended family gathering points. There were the regular ‘fight-and-settle’ with my sis, Tee-I, the invites to visit from my big sis and the intermittent chats with my big bruv. Another time to remember was the visit to my younger ‘half-siblings’. I really can’t explain how I still feel here so I’ll just keep that to myself.

On the whole, 2011 has been good to my immediate fam’ and me. All I can say now is “Thank You Lord” and I hope for a better 2012!


This year, I lost touch with a couple of old friends and I made a few new ones (one of whom is currently more than just a friend.) I had a good time early in the year with my closest FB ladies; Annie, Presh, Erl and Omoye. Annie was especially there as an emotional support and a lifter of my psyche. She is the one person that knows a lot about my relationships. I’m extremely comfortable confiding in her and she’s longsuffering as an adviser. Few people could put up with what she’s allowed with me. Such a rare personality. Presh is my number one fan and critic here (really appreciate that.) She’s always the first to get my blog updates and sure reads them. I still can’t forget getting to see her just a few weeks after meeting her online. Such a friend remains in memory forever. Erl is one of the ‘three facebookeers’ that made my FB life highly interesting early in the year (the other two being Annie & Omoye). They made me always want to get online. She was almost (now, this is a secret) going to be asked out by me but… We still had that one date though, and it was a lovely time. Omoye is (still) my regular FB ‘disturber’. I had my ‘boys’ tailing her all over FB until she disappeared and resurfaced in Kwara in service to her fatherland. Still waiting to meet her sha.

Then there are my regular close friends; Kelvin, AbPoet, Lawal, David, Krafty, Papi, Izy and Michael. Kelvin is a mentor and a friend that will always be in my close friends list any day. He’s basically the reason Issues and Tissues started. That’s how much impact he’s had on me. AbPoet is like a brother (same with David). He is one of the few I actually find it easy to rub minds with on any issue. It’s remarkable how we rarely had any major quarrels. We definitely have arguments but we both share a mutual respect of each other’s ideas. David is one that understands me the most. When you share an 11-year friendship with someone, you know it’s already beyond friendship. Now, being a business associate brings another angle and it’s been worth it so far. Lawal is an exceptional friend. He’s that kind of friend that can be tagged as RELIABLE. Sharing the same passion in a lot of areas has made our friendship grow deeper such that our differences (in religion and EPL club support, as he bleeds blue) are unnoticeable. Krafty is my business mentor. CEO of Lakraft Entertainment, he is such an energetic entrepreneur. His ability to split business and pleasure in the right places is extraordinary. He is one of the few people I know that know exactly what they want out of life and are working towards it daily. Some of the most memorable experiences I had this year came through him.

Papi is another long-term friend who I’ve shared closer moments with. Went for service last year so we didn’t get to see this year until the latter part. Always kept in touch so our friendship never really suffered. Izy is one of the biggest supporters of one my major projects and as such is going to forever be a friend to cherish. We never saw much this year then he disappeared first to his hometown, then to Jos where he works presently. How was I able to track all that? Well, we never really lost touch. Michael is one of the few I actually discuss my relationships with. Also being a business partner makes for a stronger friendship and he’s always there when needed. Another one that’s got my back any time!

Friends I can’t fail to mention are George, NonsenseBoi, Isafi, Ehi, PeeJhey, Segun, Prospect, Edge, Faith, Fateemah, TheSage, X, Dixo, Ralph, and a lot more.

I just want to thank you all for playing an important part in my life through the year. God bless you all!

Work, Biz & Finances

2011 was a year that started with so much promise but again fizzled out in terms of my business projects. One major positive, though, was attending the Daystar Business Academy. It was a place I made the contacts I needed. After the little adrenaline rush at the end of 2010 with the seminars, 2011 was supposed to keep the momentum going but it never happened mainly due to my inability to keep up. I started plans for my mag and even did design templates but I still haven’t gone anywhere with the plans yet. It wasn’t for lack of trying, though, as I actually made some moves but… *sigh*. Anyway, 2012 is another opportunity to make it work and this time, I’m ready to GO!

More on the business side, Lakraft (one of my many affiliations) got really busy towards the end of the year. We set up at the British Council event in early December and also at M2’s Networking Party the same week. It was crazy and fun! Plus the cash came in, too, and I won a raffle as bonus! Platform Naija (another affiliation) I got a couple of proposals written and helped another friend (yet another affiliation) get his company name registered. In all, the year ended more like a platform for 2012 to explode, God-willing!

Work was just on the same level as before and the change I hoped for never came. This meant finances never changed much (which is kinda disappointing). This is one of the major areas in which a drastic change is sought in the new year ASAP! As most of my life plans revolve around getting this right, my attention quota for this area in 2012 is very high.


Joined Daystar Christian Centre at the start of the year and things started brightly. I soon got into my usual ideological self and started dropping services. Soon I wouldn’t attend service for weeks, except maybe when I had to pay tithes. My spiritual life still leaves much to be desired and I know there are people praying for me daily. I hope to kick myself up and really get started on the journey I was called for. Despite this, God has remained faithful. In the midst of all the sickness and diseases, I never had anything more than a headache and cold and catarrh making it 5 years (in October) since I had a major illness requiring an hospital visit or at least an injection! This is all to His Glory as He answered my prayer for divine health and remained faithful to it till this day, despite my failings. He’s truly an Awesome God! I will get back to winning ways in 2012 by His Grace. Amen.

As an aside, I stumbled on some eye-opening info both online and off which has kinda kept me in another level of spiritual awareness. Here is a link that might be helpful to all reading this: CARM.


2011 was a sorry year for Nigerian football with only the AYC trophy to show for an otherwise disappointing year. The failure of the two senior football teams to qualify for events means 2012 will be a very dull year for ardent supporters of Nigerian football. As for me, I have other interests so next year still holds enough excitement.

For the UEFA Championship next year, Spain remains my top choice but the best of this year has to go to the Dutch. They were very ruthless in qualification, dropping zero points. As far as clubs go, you should all know by now that I’m a Gunner so my team had it’s regular ups and downs. The lowest point of the year had to be the loss of the Carling Cup. Second to it is the 8-2 loss at Old Trafford. We’ve picked up well since then and we’ve done well to start our challenge for a top four finish. The team is now quite different from that of the last few seasons with a key quality being the new-found resilience. 2012 promises to be brighter than many would think.

My second team naturally is Barca (since Henry joined) and they’ve given me much joy. Just watching them play (win or lose) is such a wonderful experience. I’m a big fan of beautiful football (check the teams I support) and Barca provides the best of them all. Easily the best team in the world with the most outstanding footballer of his time in Messi, Barca have set the standard again in the year with 5 trophies. Starting the year with Messi given the Ballon D’Or meant only one thing: success is sure! Checking the other two contestants for the title explains why the team is what it is.

Talking individuals, my all-time favorite striker, Henry, is set to have a 2-month loan spell at his favorite club. That is a positive for us. My favorite player now, Messi, will be taking the Ballon D’Or again after a superlative 2011. Who else is better? My favorite Gunner now, RVP, has had the best year ever in his career, but in his case, the fear of injury is the beginning of wisdom for the Gunners. The player I love to hate, Ronaldo, has also returned to the form of his life and is now the top scorer for the year. Goalscoring is just second nature to the boy. Revelation of the year, Neymar, experienced the power of Barca firsthand and may have made up his mind. The truth is this, whichever club the rising star decides to join will have an extra ammunition over any key rivals. That’s his potential!

Other sports, Tennis was crazy in the women’s section as there were four different Grand Slam winners. All the big names kept falling apart while some returnees had a good year. For the men, Novak Djokovic confirmed time and again that he is a worthy No. 1. My favorite player, Federer, lost his mojo until after the Slams when he got back to trophy-winning ways. 2012 poses another challenge for the Swiss to return to the top. Boxing, the Klitschko brothers remain unbeatable. I didn’t follow athletics much this year so…

Overall, the spirit of sports is one that unites and gives us a platform to share something in common. 2011 was a great sporting year but 2012 (an Olympic year) will definitely provide more all-round excitement!


I lost my flair for the entertainment world in 2011. All the new artistes, new music and movies never really fascinated me. Just a few caught my attention with the biggest break on the Nigerian scene a certain WizKid. On the foreign level, I’m too used to my favorite artistes, 50 Cent & Em, so without anything major from them, I never really followed anything new. A worthy mention is 50 Cent’s StreetKing initiative. It’s a laudable project and looks to be making impact.

Another bright spot for Nigerian music was the BET Awards with the two best Nigerian artistes, 2face and D’Banj sharing honours. The BET HipHop Awards also featured cyphers from both female and male Nigerian hiphop artistes. It was very cool stuff noting that the last cypher featured at the same event came from the great Eminem and his crew.

Hollywood produced big budget movies with crazy effects the main feature in the movies these days. Transformers 3 had really mad effects. Final Destination 5 brought back another series of gory death scenes. Colombiana introduced a new Femme Fatale. I’m not in the best position to analyse any movie, much less picking the best in the year. I had an average movie year on the whole, never really getting excited over any particular one.


After cutting off a relationship in 2010 because I realised I wasn’t really in love with the girl I was supposedly ‘dating’, I fell in love myself, later that year, with someone that may not have loved me as much. Funny thing was, the best part of the relationship packed up with 2010. In 2011, it turned out to be a struggle. I learnt a lot of lessons though, and after a year, five different break-ups in the same relationship, and with the help of my ‘shrink’, we were able to dissolve it by mutual agreement which means we still remain friends.

I found love again shortly afterwards and, I know it’s too early to assess now, it looks like the real thing. This is to tell My Petite to look forward to a much better year in 2012. Loving her got me back on track quickly from the heartbreak of the previous relationship and I’ll forever be grateful for that. I won’t try to compare both ladies as they’ve got their strengths and weaknesses.

It is worth mentioning that I almost started a couple of new relationships, especially during the break-ups but none really worked out. Either I ended up backing out or the lady is just not available. In the long run, the end signalled a beginning.

I will just like to say a BIG Thank You to both ladies and all those who got involved in one way or another, especially my closest female friend, Annie.

In all, I thank God for all that happened in my life this year. I’m grateful for everyone that has been a part of my life. We’ve had a wonderful time together in 2011, the new year will definitely bring new hope and a chance for new things. Usher in the New Year with expectations of better things to come.


Remain Blessed!


5 thoughts on “Lookin’ Back: Revelations

  1. Do you know what I liked most about this write up, it was simple. Nuffin too flamboyant but refreshing enough to keep one interested.
    Its wonderful how you’ve been able to keep track of ‘everything’.
    Am glad you were able to see the +ve side of it all,but rmbr, its not jst being able to retrospect, but also being able to learn and strive to be better!
    In case I never said it, am happy I met you. Fbk wudda been dry wivout u…annie n omoye. And dat 1 time date was so much fun…I wil leav d obvious part out.
    All in all, 2011 was good, 2012 wl b beta.
    Happy new year Akin dearest!

    1. Erl, I’m so glad u liked it. Annie had told me to write basically how I prefer to and Presh had encouraged me not to stop whatever the odds.

      Truth is, the 2011 experience would be incomplete without you. I write this also so I could come back and read it all over again during the year so I can also learn from it. I will strive to be a better person.

      Thank u for a wonderful last year! 2012 will definitely be better!

  2. My 2012 rresolution is 2 be a girl of few words, I’ll jst say the ones that count. 😀 Lol. So…*hug* I wish I cld’ve been there 4 u more BUT i’m glad the li’l I cld do made a difference. This’s our year! Believe that. :*

  3. God saved u,that u included my name……was expectin like a whole page sha…maybe next year…….happy new year and have fun

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