The Season

Winter in Argentina

Winter in Argentina

Talking about seasons could be a very tricky issue. It could even get confusing. As it is, after hearing ‘the season’, I know what you’re all thinking (don’t bother asking how.) In any case, whatever seasons are on your mind, this is THE SEASON.

I could be talking about the Calendar Seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn (Fall) and Winter. Of all these seasons, this time, Winter is THE SEASON (for most of the Temperates.) Right now, it’s snowy, it’s cold, it’s freezing and could get almost unbearable. It’s the season of the blizzards and consequent heavy traffic jams. But it’s also the shopping season and the season of ‘new fun’. It’s the ONLY one with bobsledding, skiing, snowball and snowman. It also has the ice games; hockey, biking, fishing, diving and more. It’s the one with the Black Friday (this year having even some extra ‘Black’ days.) It’s officially the period of shorter days and loooongerrrr nights, you know what that means! *winks* (not of benefit to singles.) The season is unique in its own right and can be loved and hated.

I could also be talking about the Tropical Seasons: Wet (Rainy) and Dry (Harmattan). Of these, Dry Season is THE SEASON! It is the period of serious dryness (not in terms of jokes though.) No rains, yay! Wait a minute, it means no growing as all plants need rain. Well, yea, it’s the harvest season, silly! Time to literally reap the fruits, tubers and seeds of labour (talking to farmers here.) It’s the season that also carries with it a feeling of renewal, as it always signals the turn of the year. We often take this to a whole new level, renewing everything humanly and physically possible from houses and cars to hairs and wears, leaving out the most important parts, our thought processes, our minds. Along that line, this season often starts the time of the resolutions and brings along the sense of planning. It’s the season where food preservation is easiest but also carries with it its own peculiar health issues. Love it or hate it, it is the season.

Season Talk could also refer to the football season. Right now, THE SEASON is the 2011/2012 Season and a lot has happened. A couple of teams have had a resurgent run after a dismal opening to the season. Top of these is AC Milan who now top the Serie A going into the new year. Another is Dortmund who, despite failing in their Champions League journey, are already within touching distance of the excellent Bayern side. Also part of this group of ‘Resurgents’ is Arsenal (my team, 😉 ). Low point: 8-2 loss away to Man. U in August, high point: 5-3 win away at Stamford Bridge in October. That defines the kind of season the Gunners have had, sitting pretty just behind the Top Four going into Christmas and looking good enough to retain the spot, at least. Surprise teams have also brought in their share of excitement with Montpellier being a key team having led the Ligue 1 for a period now going on the winter break just second on the log. Levante is probably the surprise of the season, of all. Topping a league with the two best teams in the world, even if for a short spell, is no mean feat. Not even the perennial head of ‘the other league’, Valencia, could boast of that. Yet, the newbies have achieved that with the Galacticos as one of their casualities in a surging run. They have a Champions League spot as compensation though as the break comes in, so ‘fluke’ may not be an appropriate description of their achievements so far. Newcastle also showed some guts in the crazy EPL that took quite a while to settle. Even the mighty Red Devils lost their unbeaten run before the Toons. They went as high as third in the league with many thinking the Big Six (days of the Big Four are over) might be shaken. Injury to key squad members mean they keep a place behind the Six and will certainly retain it into the new year. A big disappointment for many this season would be the ‘Clasico’ as many expected a change in the norm as Madrid showed the spirit of true ‘Galacticos’ winning ten games at a stretch. But the story remained the same as Barca ran the show as usual after a nervy first half for them. Real still tops the table though going into the new year so the battle is still on! As far as players go, Messi is set to receive his third World’s Best Player title after a consistent show of class. No doubt, there’s no one better at the moment. Van Persie still keeps people wondering why he wasn’t on the world players shortlist. He’s set to break the great Henry’s record of EPL goals in a year as he has already equaled the 34 held by the former King of Highbury with two matches to spare. Neymar remains the hotcake of the season so far and may have decided where his heart is in Europe. This season has provided so much excitement and heartbreak, yet the business end promises to be on another level entirely!

Another season that can be referred to could be in terms of what you do with cash. Spending or Saving. For most of us, Spending Season is THE SEASON now (only geniuses know how to have a Saving Season at this time and most of us are definitely not!) As stated previously, we tend to plan a sort of regeneration every year end so this season has spending written all over it. It’s normal that the ladies spend more at this time of the year but thinking about the fact that 90% of the cash comes from the guys, it is safe to say guys spend exceedingly more during this season. Spending season is the season of renewal. (Almost) Everything magically turns new. Santa couldn’t do better magic. New houses (ok, it’s just new paint but who cares), new settees & electronics (the big boys do this), new clothes, shoes & hairs (ladies’ specialty) and more. Even the streets start looking new. Companies are not left out of the carnival, planning image changes and all. The spending season is IT! (Except you’re a broke ass sha. Ask me.)

Finally, I’m talking about the Festive Season of Christmas. This is THE SEASON! It’s the season to celebrate. It’s the season of fun and laughter. It’s the season of genuine, heartfelt love and care. This season brings a lot of happiness and joy regardless of your situation. Forget the other seasons, this is the TRUE season! It’s the season of hope, salvation and faith. It’s the season we all look forward to regardless of age, gender, race or class. In our own little ways, we always find something to be grateful for this season. Sharing becomes fun and friendship takes new meaning. Family stays top and work gives way to relaxation. We all love to be here and now that we are, let’s make it worth the while. It won’t be here for too long so let’s make the most of it. Let your anger last only for a fleeting breath and give no space to sadness. Let your smile create a world record on its own and let others around you feel the positive spirit of the season. Share something special with someone new and make life a little bit more bearable for someone you can help. Let your family know how much you love them and let your friends understand how much you miss them when they’re not there. In all, this is THE SEASON to make things happen! Be fulfilled! Touch someone’s life! Enjoy THE SEASON!

Still want me to tell you what’s on your mind? Wait till next season. :p

Taking this time to wish you all Happy Holidays! I love you all and I know we’ll have a more wonderful 2012. Thank you for a beautiful 2011.

Season’s Greetings!!!

My wishes for you!

My wishes for you!


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