I’ve been off here for a while now and it had to do with a whole lot of different things. Last week was a very busy week for me so I never really got the time to think up what to write. I know, I was actually very lazy about it but really it wasn’t a week that I could think creatively in the area of writing so I never bothered. The zodiac posts and jokes have also suffered out of my laziness to even open my blog. Anyway, I’m back and, funny enough, my post today has something to do with the ‘busy’ week.

Winning…everyone loves it! It’s a fact! When you were in high school and those snobs called you a loser is actually different from playing the game and really losing. See, everyone likes to identify with a winner. That’s when you hear people who you’ve never met before tell you things that you don’t even know about yourself. My friend does that all the time. Being an entrepreneur, he likes to make the right connections, so he studies successful people he wants to get in touch with. He gleans all he can about them and when he finally gets the chance to meet them, he talks to them about things they sometimes haven’t even heard about themselves and there he gets their attention. Sincerely, if you want to be successful in any field, you need mentors and the right connections. This is a winning method!

Through one of those connections, my friend got a job to set up at an event for one of those successful guys. This is #Winning!. Well, the main gist is that yours truly got invited to the same event. I was actually part of my friend’s crew to the event (I’ve got lots of affiliations o.) Anyway, we had just wrapped up at a very successful high class 3-day event (told you last week was busy) and taken a single day rest (spent planning and strategizing). So this particular event (an overnite party) was a little tasking but my friend, being extremely passionate about his business and highly energetic, kept providing the needed ‘ginger’. We were ready before the event started and the early birds were already feeling the touch of ‘gaming with class’ we offered.

Party started and things were going smoothly. The M.C. was on point and the various acts invited on stage did their best. Now, a key part of the event was a raffle draw to hold at the latter part. The ushers brought the raffle sheets for us to fill in our details (#Winning marketing strategy.) Note here that I never like to do these raffle and promo things as I never get to win. But seeing as this one costs me nothing more than putting pen to paper, I did and dropped the sheet on a table somewhere. I continued with whatever I was doing before, playing games, chatting with friends, scoping those chicks in skirty and leggy things.

Suddenly, as the show was winding down, the guy handling the raffle draw (Kunle Afolayan, if you know him), drew out the first sheet and called out the name. I wasn’t concentrating at first but when I heard “Going, going, gone!”, as the person failed to respond, I felt he just called my name and I’d missed out on the prize. Amazingly, the next sheet he brought announced turned out to be…yea, you guessed right, Yours Truly! I was so surprised to hear my name ring out in the vast hall with everyone waiting to see who the #Winning! name belonged to. I ran and almost fell on my way with the crowd going “Haaaa!!!” I got on stage, verified my phone number and received the prize. #Winning feels good I tell you!

At that point, it actually didn’t matter to me if I’d won a pen or a car (I was hoping it was an iPad2 sha o), the fact that there were so many people in that hall and I was singled out, albeit in a raffle, as a winner, meant more. #Winning brings such a great positive feeling. All my friends were grinning from ear to ear. While I was walking back, I heard a guy say, “Bros, na both of us dey play game there na. How far?” #Winning! 😉

I guess you’re expecting me to say that I suddenly woke up from the dream feeling down but nothing like that happened! :P. This one is real life. I did win something in a raffle after all these years of trial and error. The days of collecting Maggi wrappers, Maltina raffle draws, Coca-Cola promos, even 7-Up sef! I’d given up that I’m just not born to win anything with some sort of lottery attached to it. Now I have new hope. Baba Ijebu is looking like a potential pot of gold! *side eye*

Well, that’s my little #Winning story. In all, what I want you to know is #Winning really does feel good and I want that thot to drive you to achieve. The key part of this story is that #Winning takes strategy and planning. You need to know what you’re doing. Find your passion and roll with it. My friend is pushing his and I can tell you he’s #Winning all the way. You’ll hear enough about him, about us, next year, just watch out! Our mentality is #Winning! Make it yours too!

This is a little toast to the LaKraft Entertainment crew who made last week interesting for me. Krafty (C.E.O.), Oaktan (C.O.O.), Sarah, Elesh and Opa, we’re #Winning all the way! Bigger things to come!

Signing Out!!!

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