It Only Gets Tougher

A ‘wise’ man once said, “If they can afford to buy a bottle of Coke for 50 naira, then they should be able to buy fuel for 50 naira.” (Maybe not the exact words but its the exact message.) The same man also advised, “If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.” The first statement reeks of serious stupidity as the basis for such comparison is utterly brainless. Now, with the second, more popular statement coming from the same man, it only follows that he must have made it under the same influence of brainless intoxication.

Anyway, now we’re already buying fuel at 65 naira and we’re not complaining, maybe grumbling, but not complaining. So ultimately, the ‘wise’ man might have been right afterall. Since we’re still buying a bottle of Coke at 50 naira, I guess the next competition should be LaCasera at 100 naira. But then, it seems the present government is bent on outdoing the ‘wise’ man’s own, hence, the Fuel Subsidy hoax. The fact is, when fuel subsidy is ‘removed’, the new ‘lucky’ man, who is an indirect protege of the ‘wise’ man will be on point to tell us, “Since you can afford to buy a bottle of beer for 200 naira,…” Ok, then it starts getting scary.

Looking back at the ‘Coke Period’ of the ‘wise’ man, we can still boast of drinking a bottle, at least, once a year, even if it’s that one time we gate-crash the closest ‘Owambe’ party. But looking forward to the ‘Beer Period’ of the ‘lucky’ man is not something palatable to the mind. For one, it will be the period of the elite few, as those of us that cannot afford a bottle of beer (or don’t even take it, for that matter) will be left to suffer. In this ‘in-between’ era where more parties are developing the habit of buying pure water in excess while hoarding the soft drinks (and forget the ‘hard’ ones cos they’re not available), we’re in for harder times if we ever get to see the ‘Beer Period’. Na serious issue o!

Despite all I’ve said, this fuel thing is just ‘by the way’, the main issue is connected to the ‘wise’ man’s second statement. As apt as the statement may sound, it was rightly criticised when it was uttered. But today, it seems in the ‘lucky’ man’s bid to outdo his mentor, he has silently told us, “Education IS expensive! Ignorance is your ONLY option!” Ok, he may not be directly involved but he’s still at the helm, so he still carries the blame.

Imagine my outburst when I discovered that the new LASU school fees will be 250,000 naira, up from the previous 25,000. I mean I was in shock! This was a school I paid 5,050 naira to get into just over 10 years back and paid 250 & 150 naira as school fees at various times before I graduated. It is so ridiculous, especially coming from a state university. For those who can afford to pay, there’s no point not sending their kids to a private university with more efficient school administration system.

Frankly, I thought about this and it looks like they’re trying to make sure the poor get crushed massively. What with fuel subsidy ‘removal’ making it seriously hard to feed and expensive education making it hard to even prepare for the future. It’s kinda easy for some of us to step back and say we’re not concerned, at least, we’re lucky it didn’t happen while we were still schooling. But we would fail to realise that we’re getting to be parents already.

Well, through all these, positives can be taken out, especially with respect to education. The thing is, higher education is generally over-hyped here in Naija. I’ve always said that the basic level of education anyone needs to really survive is the Secondary School. At that level, you can read, write, express yourself and understand clearly. With these basic skills, you’re ready to make something of your life. I guess what I’m saying is, with the way the cost of education is rising phenomenally, the schooling generation may be forced to look more inward and unleash their creative talent. This is very important and will be a major boost to the society as a whole.

That said, if this subsidy thing eventually happens, we might on a wrong collision course, as these young people might start getting creative in the wrong areas. Forget Ocean’s Eleven style kind of robbery, I’m talking development of bombs and nuclear materials to destroy the erring political class. Y’know, next level Boko-style. In the end, it may all backfire on the ‘lucky’ man. They want to stifle the common man, only this way, the common man ends up eliminating himself, the society and ensures he annihilates the orchestrators along the line. In the end, what goes around often comes around!

Me I don talk my own. Foreseeing all these, I’m so prepared, as soon as the signs start showing, I’m off to Cotonou. Some of us will have to rebuild and start from the scratch now. Abi?

Here’s where I rest my case. Thanks for reading.

Signing Out!!!

Warning to the Government!

Warning to the Government!

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6 thoughts on “It Only Gets Tougher

  1. the ACN government is really ridiculous. In Edo state taxes are hiked without recourse to rebate. I wonder what happens if they have power at the federal level. They would drive everyone out of Nigeria.
    Lets hope the ‘wise’ government heeds and stop silly comparisms

  2. They have a short time to spend, so let them do as they like. When Nigerians get tired of sitting and watching them, then we’ll start heading somewhere.

  3. Wow! I agree with u totally and I must really say that it is really scary as the only thing the common man can do now is just to hope and pray.

    Looking at the fuel subsidy removal,I don’t think it would see the light of the day as our so called stupid president has started developing a cold feet towards it because if he tries it I bet you his government won’t make it to next year June.

    For the Lasu school fees increament I must say its such a sad development and hope that the school authorities would reconsider their position on this,if not I wonder how many dreams would be cut short due to the fact that majority of the already existing students might have to drop out.

    What I don’t understand is how we continue to make things hard and difficult for ourselves and most of this wicked policy makers actually enjoyed tuition free education,what a wicked world it is,but am sure the youths won’t go down without a fight and that might be the beginning of another war.I dey fia fia.

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