Way Back When

Times have changed and we have barely noticed. If you don’t believe me, then have you ever thought about what it was like back then without mobile phones? I’m sure you still don’t believe those days ever existed just like we still don’t believe our parents and grandparents ever walked those distances to schools and farms. The truth is, with change always comes a natural adaptation that never make it seem like it was a change in the first place. Its just like an erasure of past events and a presentation of new ones. Today, I bring something from another discussion with my friends at work.

Recently, various updates have been flying around bb world, and even facebook, about the kinda life those of us born in the late 70’s, 80’s, and maybe early 90’s, had. A sample goes thus:

“I was BORN in the 80’s. The last SANE generation! We are the last generation that played in the street. We were the first who played video games, saw cartoons with no color & went to the amusement parks. We were the last to record songs off the radio on cassettes. We are the pioneers of Walkmans & chat rooms. We learned how to program the VCR before anyone else, played the Atari, ten-ten, boju-boju, Nintendo (NES & SNES then) & believed that the Internet would be a free world. We are the generation of the Thunder Cats, the Transformers (original cartoon series o), Scooby doo, Voltron, Super Ted, Willi Willi, G.I. JOE & Tales by Moonlight. We traveled in cars without seat belts or air-bags, lived without cell phones, rode our bicycles down the road without brakes. We never had phones but still kept in touch. We did not have Sony PlayStation, Xbox, or 99 television stations. Rather we waited till 4pm for dear NTA to watch interesting TELE MATCH. We had no flat screens, surround sound, mp3 players, iPod, computers & the Internet, but nevertheless we had a GREAT Time!!!”

It really was a great life back then. I still contend that we enjoyed the best childhood. We seem to have had the best of both worlds. Our parents were already adults when technology started going really crazy, thereby having limited time with products that were more fun to use. The present day children have lost most of the natural part of childhood. Everything seems ‘gadgety’ now.

The advent of video games was witnessed by our generation and we continue to evolve with it. We were there when computers weren’t so commonplace. We were the ones that enjoyed cartoons the most, I mean REALLY enjoy! It was kinda balanced back then, though. They weren’t this many so you simply can’t lose track of school work. In fact, the fact that we had to wait till 4pm for T.V. stations to open was indeed a blessing to us. It seems like it’s the reason why we have arguably the highest number of brilliant, intelligent minds. Back then, you simply don’t just send text messages, emails, e-cards and the likes to catch a babe. You can’t even call sef. Your brain has to work for you as you ‘put pen to paper’ and write the “doxologies”, “dittos”, et al, with lots of similes and metaphors, not forgetting the poems. We were simply brilliant!

Coming natural, due to the fact that television wasn’t so ‘attractive’ (in every sense of the word) until 4pm, we had to develop different games to keep ourselves occupied. We played with sand, sticks and stones. We climbed trees, plucked fruits, caught ladybirds and made cages to catch birds. We came up with table soccer, flying kite, biro fights, paper fights, tyre rolling and so on. We continued, and modified, ten-ten, suwe, boju-boju, sand castles, street soccer, and much more! Are you still doubting our creativity? We really spent time together with lots of group games. Do you ever wonder why we seem to be the ones that have the most friends from the past? Back then you just don’t go solo.

We were the ones that anticipated and appreciated Xmas, Boxing day & New Year’s day the most. We blew bangers and knockouts back then without any fear, we even had street versus street competitions. You really felt the year turning new when you’re at ‘watchnight’ because the streets will be almost impassable after church. Getting home, if you ain’t having the party, you’re having a party. It was really fun!

We took secondary school life to the next level having competitions in almost any area you can think of (Bournvita Brain Match is a nice example). We had the Good, the Bad & the Ugly too, only we remodeled and renamed a lot. We invented and told the most jokes (including most that are still being told in schools today.) We modified popular songs to school anthems and vice versa. We had the school fights at interhouse sports. We were the generation that had that one student who is the ‘Strongest boy’ and we also had the record-breakers, especially in academics. ‘Microchipping’ wasn’t so easy back then. You must have something in your brains to ‘microchip’ successfully. We also had some of the most inventive punishments like ‘fry dodo’, ‘thumb sucker’, ‘push the car’ and the likes. We also chop cane die!

Seriously, I look at our generation and I see lots of potential world changers! We’ve had a very balanced childhood, enjoying the best nature had to offer us while also not losing touch with what technology always has to give. Looking back then and comparing with now, I’d say ‘The Difference is Clear’. We should cherish those memories and we can always look back and say, ‘What a Delicious Experience!’

This particular post is meant to gear us up to see what we’ve had and know what is expected of us. We’re the next set of leaders and CEOs. Let’s make our generation proud as we gradually step into the tiny shoes the previous generation is leaving. We’re wiser, better, more intelligent, very team-focused, creatively gifted and highly equipped to ensure there’ll be bigger shoes to fill by the next generation. Let’s do this guys!

*Raising glass* To all those born in the time period stated above! *drinks ‘Pito’* Thank you for reading through.

Signing Out!!!

This is who I am!

This is who I am!

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