Independence Day!

I love that movie! As old as the movie is, I still watch it every time I can. I can’t really say exactly what it is but the movie just never gets boring to me, despite the fact that it’s a pretty straight-forward movie, not much twists and turns. I generally like Sci-Fi’s (good ones) and I like Will Smith as an actor, with ‘I, Robot’ another combination of both I really like.

One of my fave scenes in the movie was when the U.S. President gave the Independence Day speech. I’m sure a few days before the invasion, he must’ve been preparing a different one. But in the face of a new terror, he was able to speak to the world and ask for a joint action against the aliens in order to prevent the end of the human race.

You know, as we’ve just had our Independence Day, I try to picture us as the world power and Goodluck giving an Independence Day speech through such alien invasion. I imagine him telling the world that,”…we will do all we can to find the these aliens, then we will see what we can do. By the way, aliens do visit other planets. This might be our turn to have them…”
*Patience now pops in*
“I’d rather be an alien than become like one of these things!”

Then we’d have the aliens laughing so hard that they forget to attack and one of them mistakenly presses the self-destruct button on their ship and…BOOM!!! Job done without any loss of lives, except the aliens’ of course!

Really, thinking about it, do we have anything to celebrate on our Independence Day after 51 years? Of course we do! We have life, we still have our country ‘intact’, we are still ‘managing’. But do we REALLY have something to celebrate. I basically think that every Independence Day should mark something special. We should be talking in milestones.

Some argue that at 51, we’re still quite young (comparing us to the U.S.), and therefore, are allowed the mistakes. I still say that if the U.S. had been the country turning 51 at this age and time, they’d have done much better! Our problems are self-inflicted and, like most private companies running in Naija today, are caused by bad management (leadership, in this case.) Not like the led have done much to really change things. We have allowed ourselves to be run over by the actions of the ruling few and we accept things the way they are until our own time comes, which most likely is when we have someone we know in power, then the cycle goes on. The few among us who are really doing something have not been allowed much impact.

This post is not to lament our predicament, no! On the other hand, it is actually meant to wake us up. We can complain from now till tomorrow but if we’re able to do our own little part, we could achieve so much. The state of the nation might not allow too much to be done at a time, but there’s always something you can do, or at least gather people to do. Now is not the time for so much talk. Now we take action!

I’ve been inspired by Fela Durotoye’s ‘Mushin Makeover’. The concept is simple, you just need to gather a few willing people to make some major things happen. I decided I was going to do my bit to deal with the complacency in the educational sector, so I planned a series of seminars to emphasize on self discovery and importance of education in the real world. I kinda believe high school education is the basic, most important level of education anybody needs to survive anywhere. If these students can have a clear mental picture of what they want to do in the near future, it would be easier for them to hit whatever target they set with very good planning. I put forward the idea to a couple of friends and they supported it. By the time we did our first series, the facilitators included people of note who actually accepted to speak for free. The second series will start soon along with a couple other projects and with time, I know we’ll make a major impact.

The point is, if you don’t move, things won’t move! We can sit down and discuss with our friends how bad the leadership is, but if we ever hope to change the situation, we can start something within that small circle of friends we have. You think the employment situation is getting worse by the day? Get a few friends together, put ideas down and start something! There’s a lot we can do to help this country, and indeed ourselves! We can TRULY have a reason to celebrate the next birthday of the nation.

I write this to let you know that the power of the coming together of our individual brilliance and creativity will impress upon the next generation, causing a paradigm shift in the core values we seem to lack now. Our plan of action now is to make sure the mindset of the next generation is gradually changed from the present negativity to a more optimistic outlook of the future. They need to know they can actually become whatever they want to be without too much dependence on the type of connections they’ve got.

I hope as we read this, we can relate to it and start making something happen with whatever resources we have. We need to move the mountains of corruption, unemployment, injustice, political debauchery, underdevelopment and the likes, and we can start a movement within our very own capacities. The Nigeria of our dreams is within our reach. Let’s DO SOMETHING!!!

I hope I’m able to touch a sensitive spot in you.

Thank you!

Letz keep the flag flying!

Letz keep the flag flying!

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