9/11: A Simple Tribute

I know there’ll already be lots of posts about 9/11 at this time but my reason for writing this is to pay a simple tribute. Lots of 9/11s have come and gone since the major one (can’t believe it’s up to 10 already), and each one has something different for everybody. For some, it will always remind them of their dead loved ones, for some others, it’s a day to celebrate life (I have two birthday boys) and to some still, it’s a day to remember one of the finest ‘pressers of the word’ as he quits blogville.

I try to remember where I was on 9/11/01 but I don’t think it was somewhere really significant like that. I remember the January ’02 bomb blast more (of course!), but I recall 9/11 generated a lot of debate back then in school. How did it happen? Who could’ve been intelligent enough to hit the world’s superpower like that? What would the U.S. do? Well, we all know the story now and all we have left is this remembrance. I didn’t lose anyone I know in that incident but I really feel the pain of those who did. I know what it is to lose someone you love and respect so much and, hence, will continue to sympathize with them every year.

Before I go on, I’d like to say this: I don’t know what it’s like to celebrate on a day remembered more worldwide by an act of terrorism but I do know that amidst all the evil happening around us, we still need a reason to find happiness and celebrate life. So, despite all the 9/11 drama, I say Happy Birthday to two of my very good friends; AbPoet and Michael, and the rest of those who have something good to celebrate every 9/11. Keep giving us a reason to smile when there seems to be sadness all around us.

Ok, after all that’s said, the last 9/11 is actually my reason for writing this. It’s the day my Blogville RM chose to exit blogville for reasons he seems to believe warrant his exit. I refuse to accept his decision to leave but when he has other personal reasons, who can argue that? So I decided to write a lil’ history of myself and him just to let him know he can’t leave some of us, no matter how he tries (we won’t even let him die! Go ask ‘Viral Encephalitis’!!)

So here goes…

I joined the school in JS2 after a harrowing experience in boarding school in my first year of junior secondary. I was in B class and he was in A. I didn’t know much about him ‘cos I don’t mix too well back then. I think the only times we crossed paths were on the football field. Safe to say, we weren’t much of friends in junior secondary. Then fate put us together in Science class by the time we got to senior secondary. And even though we each had our closer circle of friends, we hit it off well. We had almost the same interests. We both play football very well (I always imagined us as playing 9 & 10 in the same team.) We both played table tennis averagely. We both loved Ma$e & Puff Daddy. We both had very good sense of humor (which most times decide the kinda friends we roll with) and we were both brilliant (in our own rights), though he more than me (as records proved.)

I fail to remember when we ever had a fight (pls remind me on a comment here, Kev), but I remember those days of Mega Games, draught games on our desks, table tennis with the dining tables, going to the Udofias’ at Allen and much more. I remember we were also in the same house (Perseverance all the way!!!) My memories of those days are quite very vague but I know we had it going back then. He graduated as the third best (yes, if u didn’t know) to the surprise of many as there were supposed to be two or three guys before him in the academic order. It simply showed his capacity to outrun the best.

Out of high school, we lost touch but not for too long. The email rush entered Naija with Y2K and we resumed communication. Through that, he showed me how to get a free personal website (on freeservers) after I checked out his. Our online correspondence was quite consistent until the blackout! We we were both in our different worlds, so it wasn’t really unusual. Didn’t know what happened until another friend of ours told me he heard about it. I can remember thinking how bad it would be to lose a whole month of one’s life. It wasn’t until we met at a reunion we had two years later, that he told us it was worse than that. Reading the full story on his (supposed) last post on his blog (read here), I felt the emotions run through my being. Losing him would have meant the loss of a true gem and we (I mean all of us who’ve gotten to know him) know the value of that.

He’s one of the reasons I came into blogsville. He has often encouraged me to write something, especially since he found out about the mag project. Through him I met a lot of intelligent and beautiful friends. We even had an interesting ‘crew’ on FB before he quitted for Twitville (hell, d guy’s developing an annoying habit of quitting social platforms after hooking people up!)

He’s everything u perceive him to be; handsome, witty, funny, intelligent, brilliant, crazy, annoying, friendly, emotional, loving (his ‘mistresses’ should attest to that), God-fearing and very supportive of his friends! He’s the one & ONLY…


…Kev!!!! (Sorry to burst your #WithAnL bubb_e…:o)… )

U guys can go now. I’m done with my simple tribute. The rest of this post is for ‘our’ eyes only! Thank u!!

*Now talking to Kev*

Ok, my man, it’s time for confessions…*now singing Usher’s ‘Confessions Pt. 2’* Well, here they are:

1. About that hole in ur head, ur fam really tried with the ‘liquid in the spine’ story. That’s classic! The truth is, I drilled it! After they found u unconscious, I was told u were in the hospital and decided to take the opportunity. I had to take a little part of ur brain and it turned out to be the part with ur memories! So sorry mayne, but I saw a lotta things…

2. Remember the girl u saw X with after u returned to school? Yea, that one he was with in the room…she was ur gf but u just couldn’t recognise! X, confess now!!

3. We actually had to battle the monster V.E. to keep u alive. The real Voltron force came to the rescue led by Rated_X (Keith), prec1ous (Hank), Anniefertiti (Lance), me (Pidge) and misjuwa (Princess). We were almost defeated (which was why u died the 2nd time) but we eventually did the job *hi-5s*.

4. I was wondering why I kept having nightmares of dancing flames, now I know! 😉

5. And I realize I used to be saner before the ‘hole in the head’. I must’ve taken some part of the ‘crazy’ section of ur brain. I hope to return them soon sha.

6. There’s nothing more to add…

Anyways, this is just a way of saying thanks for the little things you did to push me up. And don’t forget, u’ll be a guest on here soon so…

I hope u realise that ur main focus should be on fulfilling the purpose for which He kept u alive. U know what it is already so just keep working hard at it!

Here’s where I drop anchor for now.

Thank you for reading thus far. You can finally leave (I knew u’d still be here.)

P.S.: I’m thinking, we could have a special holiday to celebrate 9/11 in blogville. It could be called Ho_iday #WithAnL!

I’m Out!!! (Finally! *sigh*)

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9 thoughts on “9/11: A Simple Tribute

  1. Seryx, bruv u had me fighting tears with these memories. Its funny how they were not lost with many others.
    You’ve always been a great guy, your passion for change, growth and improvement is trés commendable. You don’t know how much I respect you which is why I will forever hearken when you call me.
    This is just…*sigh*™
    This is…
    Thank you bro.
    Thank YOU.

  2. If I can’t be Princess Alura or Keith then I’m quittin The Voltron Force, I no dey jare. Wats that? Since somebody turned 9 na so so consistent overthrowin. Mscheeew. I ain’t havin that. Serix, edit this thing forthwith! X-(

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