First Things First

It’s only appropriate that the title of my first post on this blog starts with the word ‘First’. Everyone likes to come first. That’s a fact! Except if coming first portends something terrible, like when I was in boarding school and a senior calls out “A boy!”. Oftentimes, if you turn up at the back of the line, you know you’re doomed. But then sometimes, the ‘chosen one’ could also be the unlucky first junior on the line. On those occasions, the safest position is always in the middle of the pack (then the saying that “There’s safety in multitude” takes a new meaning.)

Back to the ‘first’ gist; everyone loves to come first. Remember when you were in primary school and there’s this one classmate that everyone loved so much just cos he’s the brainiac. Here, the goodhearted ones simply wish they were just like him and they work hard to catch up in vain. The regular ones (like you & me) often end up wishing he just wouldn’t resume school the next day. But that wouldn’t happen so the guy just ‘rules’ us till we leave and we can’t forget him for that one feat! Then we later wish we were the ones in his shoes. In fact, we tell stories of his achievements to our friends in Junior High, only we’re the ‘heroes’ in this version.

Back to ‘first’ (I know, I digress much), well, most of you will be reading this from me for the first time (of course!) So I’d planned a lil’ intro before I even registered on the site, then I discovered it had this page called ‘About’ (eF up!!!) Due to this small ‘glitch’, you’d have to go elsewhere (the ‘About’ page, for instance) to learn about me. Sowie!

Ok, now to my first post…

Wait!!! What have I been doing from the first (that word again), you ask. Well, I don’t know myself. Never planned on all the ‘first’ stories. Maybe this would be the first post with so many firsts and right here would be a nice place to do a list of people who did things for the first time, but I can’t remember any! So I’ll humbly go back to ‘my first post’.

…which is to tell you, my ardent reader, follower, friend, critic, etc., (never mind if the adjective doesn’t qualify them all, and, yes, I do English for one Grammar School like that) about my reason for writing, a.k.a., reason for starting a blog, a.k.a., reason for keeping u here and hoping you’d be hypnotized enough to come back again & again.


Fact #1: I know how to write.

Fact #2: I know I know how to write.

Fact #3: I know I can only write better by writing consistently.

So, needless to say, I did this just for the love of expressing myself through written words. I’m a deep thinker and most deep thinkers are better writers than speakers (since they always tend to be more devoted to self). But make no mistake, they make excellent motivational speakers because of their thought-out mode of expression. Hence, I might be headed towards that direction too someday.

I also did this cos I’ve been inspired by a couple of friends. The list is quite lengthy but I’d just mention the most influential ones:

@KevinWithAnL is like my blogging role model, if there ever was one and a major push. You should check out his blog at

@Anniefertiti is my ‘shrink’, my psychological backup and emotional support. Her blog’s at

@NonsenseBoi (not a real handle), is a bank of ideas and the one who finally said ‘Do It!’.

@AbPoet (not yet a handle), is a real motivational factor and the one who always believed in the gift.

@prec1ous, @Rated_X, et al.

There are others I fail to mention but I appreciate you all!

Thanx for reading this boring intro of me and I promise to bring the real Issues & Tissues to you from the next post!

Signing Out!!!


4 thoughts on “First Things First

  1. Aaaaaw. I like being a shrink. I like being UR shrink. Welcome 2 the ‘loony house’. 🙂 hopefully u’ll do waaaaay beta than me & actli write stuff. I think I’m a HUGE disappointment 2 blogosphere, but hey, I neva said I wz consistent. 🙂

  2. This my first comment after first opening and reopening but finally chanced to read it first before replying.
    I hope I don’t skip lines in your subsequent posts o. I didn’t skip a punctuation sef.

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