Singles & Relationships

What a Relationship is.

What a Relationship is.

What exactly is a relationship meant to be like? Is it just a guy and a girl agreeing to be together, share things together and at the same time enjoy their individual lives OR a couple dedicating themselves to each other while looking at the long term implications.

These thoughts came to me after two different chats I had. The first lady I was discussing with had a friend who was getting married. During the course of the discourse, she mentioned that she didn’t know why her friend was in a rush to get married as she is still quite young at about 22. Then I asked if age had to be a determining factor for marriage and she actually said not really. She said she understands that age doesn’t determine maturity, which is required to handle the marriage setting, but she was not ready jump from under her parents’ authority straight to submission to one man. She emphasised that she had to enjoy spinsterhood.

Next I was ‘bbm-ing’ with my half-sis who stays in Abuja and I asked about the guy I saw on her display picture. She said he was just a friend, then I made a joke that I was wondering if she had gotten married without letting us know. Her reply was that it’s not possible, as she still has to enjoy her time as a single before going to be subdued in marriage. We eventually had long chat with me stating the case I’m bringing here.

Now, both ladies are in relationships, which made me ask the questions I put forth at the beginning of this post. My main observation from these is that ladies (and probably guys too) want to enjoy being single while still in a relationship, which brings the question, what is really there to enjoy in being single if you are already in a relationship?

First if all, let me do a breakdown of common relationship statuses (facebook style):

1. Single: This status means you’re not attached to anyone in any form of mutual agreement. You’re available to potential suitors or to pick potential partners. You can do what you like as you not ‘answerable’ to anyone (in terms of a partner).

2. In a Relationship: This status means you’re with someone with whom you agreed on some mutual arrangements. Both of you have committed one to the other and have decided to share ideas, feelings, thoughts, plans and more, with each other. The strength of relationships is often determined by the level to which both sides are able to open up to each other. Here, I won’t say an ‘Open Relationship’ qualifies as a true one, as partners agree on some form of independence which will most likely not let the relationship grow.

3. Engaged: This is when partners have taken the relationship to the point of commitment. They have both agreed to take the long haul and are, therefore, in the final stages of finetuning their attitudes, characters, strengths and weaknesses to fit each other. By this time, they already understand each other almost perfectly.

4. Married: This means they have finally sealed the deal. There is no room for ‘escape’ (except for divorce, which is not commonplace where I come from), so you’re both in a spot where you just have to make it work. Ideally, it is not supposed to be too hard as you should both already understand each other, so the new challenges that come with marriage should be the main issues for you to tackle.

Anyway, to avoid too much digression, my main focus is on Singles and Pre-engagement Relationships. To make my point clear, I think everyone deserves the freedom that comes with being single. Whatever you do, you’re not really hurting anyone. You can party how you want, go out with whoever you want without thinking too much about it, sleep anywhere you want, go wherever want and do lots of things just the way you want. It’s always a great time in the life of a young person and could be necessary most times for you to understand yourself.

Now, the moment you choose to be in a relationship, you have consciously accepted the fact that you have to consider the other person in whatever actions you’re going to take. All the ‘whatevers’, ‘wherevers’, ‘whoevers’ and ‘howevers’ will have to drop gradually, except you don’t value the person you’re with, in which case you’re better off being single.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a relationship is supposed to be a forced ‘ball and chain’, I’m just saying that to have a quality relationship, the people involved should be willing to make sacrifices for each other. As a guy, you might have a lot of female friends you like to hang out with. You play a lot, touching, hugging and sometimes sharing friendly kisses. No lady will sit down and watch her man doing all these things and not feel enraged. This simply means that once you’re in a relationship, out of respect for your lady, you have to stop the silly games. Same goes for the ladies.

There might be one or two friends from the opposite sex you’re very close to. As a single, you can actually hang out with them without any issues. Once you’re in a relationship, your partner has to be able to trust them to allow such. This means you have to let your partner know them in person and relate with them well enough not to be agitated when he/she hears you’re with them. It doesn’t mean a restriction of association, it only builds better relationships.

On the flip side, being in a relationship doesn’t give either partner any right to shackle the other. You’re allowed to make objective assessments but you don’t have to force any form of change. Except you’re forced into a relationship that you can’t get out from, you should be able to check the person you’re with and determine if he/she is just senselessly trying to restrict you or he/she is making meaningful observations about the people you relate with, the places you go to, your appearance and stuff like that. They always say ‘A broken relationship is far better than a broken marriage’, and I agree totally. If you feel you’re being unnecessarily restrained, make your feelings known and walk away if no change is forthcoming. Believe me, if he/she doesn’t change while you’re dating, no changes will come if you eventually get married.

Trust is the basis of very strong relationships and it is only built when there’s openness (which requires communication) and respect for each partner’s feelings and values. If trust is sufficient, relationships, even through to marriage, will afford each person the respectable amount of freedom each requires without hurting the other person.

Therefore, I ask again, why would you strive to enjoy being single if you’re already in a (meaningful) relationship? If you have things you’re hiding from your partner or you just don’t give a damn about how he/she feels, then you shouldn’t be in that relationship. Try to consider being on your own until you’re ready to take the bold step of sharing your life with someone else.

On a final note, I’m an advocate of Relationship-to-Marriage, so I think you should try entering a relationship with the mind of pushing it to the marriage end. It should help your commitment level and also help you determine if the person you’re with currently is worth it. Relationships shouldn’t always be started with a ‘Trial-and-Error’ mindset. If it doesn’t work out in the end, you should both be able to understand and agree that it’s better that way. Just my thotz, anyway.

Thank you for reading through. Share your thoughts, if you please.

Signing Out!

You can be 2geda 4eva!

You can be 2geda 4eva!

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So I got these joke apps on my laptop and I thot to share a couple of them that I found quite hilarious. Just check ’em out.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), The FBI, and the CIA are all trying to prove that they are the best at apprehending criminals. The President decides to give them a test. He releases a rabbit into a forest and each of them has to catch it.
The CIA goes in. They place animal informants throughout the forest. They question all plant and mineral witnesses. After three months of extensive investigations they conclude that rabbits do not exist.
The FBI goes in. After two weeks with no leads they burn the forest, killing everything in it, including the rabbit, and they make no apologies. The rabbit had it coming.
The LAPD goes in. They come out two hours later with a badly beaten bear. The bear is yelling: “Okay! Okay! I’m a rabbit! I’m a rabbit!”

A policeman is on scene at a terrible accident – body parts everywhere. He is making his notes of where the pieces are and comes across a head. He writes in his notebook: “Head on bullevard” and scratchs out his spelling error. “Head on bouelevard” Nope, doesn’t look right – scratch scratch. “Head on boolevard…” dang it! Scratch scratch. He looks around and sees that no one is looking at him as he kicks the head. “Head on curb.”

A woman diagnosed as having a brain tumor was told by her doctor that she would need the transplant of a one-pound brain. The doctor then asked, “What type of brain do you want?”
“What type?” the woman asked.
“Yes,” replied the doctor. “There is a substantial difference in price. For example, a one-pound brain of a surgeon costs $60,000, while you can get a one-pound brain of a nuclear physicist for $50,000, and so on.
“Can you give me a one-pound lawyer’s brain? Ever since I was a little girl I’ve dreamed of being a trial attorney.”
“That’s $250,000,” the doctor replied.
“Why so much? the woman asked. “That’s over four times what a surgeon’s brain costs.”
“Do you have any idea how many lawyers it takes to produce a pound of brain?” the doctor replied.

If you can touch it and you can see it, it’s REAL.
If you can touch it but you can’t see it, it’s TRANSPARENT.
If you can’t touch it but you can see it, it’s VIRTUAL.
If you can’t touch it and you can’t see it, it’s GONE.

During a heated spat over finances the husband said, “Well, if you’d learn to cook and were willing to clean this place, we could fire the maid.” The wife, fuming, shot back, “Oh yeah??? Well, if you’d learn how to make love, we could fire the chauffeur and the gardener.”


Ok, now that’s all for this week! Wait till next week for more Funnies!

Have a beautiful week!

Thank you!

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For or Against?

1. an oral disagreement; verbal opposition; contention; altercation.
2. a discussion involving differing points of view; debate.
3. a process of reasoning; series of reasons.
4. a statement, reason, or fact for or against a point.
5. an address or composition intended to convince or persuade; persuasive discourse.
6. subject matter; theme.

It’s been a while that I’ve been here. I’ve been trying to decide what next to write on and out of the jumbled up ideas in my head, this is what I ended up bringing. Hope you learn something.

Being who I am, they say I like arguments. Ok, I actually like a good argument, especially when who I’m arguing with is quite intelligent. I like to let people know what they don’t already know or what they think they know but actually don’t. It kinda gives me some sorta energy rush (the type that comes with accomplishing a great task.) So when someone intelligent gets to ‘see’ my point, the feeling’s greater!

One thing is, I’ve had some very senseless arguments. Lots of them actually. But the truth is, there’s always something to learn everywhere. I can argue on almost any topic of discussion as long as I have a ‘point to prove’. I hate to lose an argument (hardly does any argument have a losing party anyway, there’s just always a compromise or a big fight). What I simply hate more than losing an argument, is someone just agreeing with me from the outset (after making an opposing point) just because he/she feels I’m an argument freak! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!!!! It bites me!

Moving on, I’ve established that I like to argue but my basic purpose is to garner knowledge, as well as dispense it. So, how do I think a good argument should go? First, people get into arguments for various reasons. Some just for the fun they can find in it (believe me, some guys just enjoy having people bark at one another), some to make a point (this is how we all start), some to go against any point (yea, no matter what the point is), some to ensure their points are generally accepted (whether right or wrong) and some to actually learn something new. Whatever your purpose, arguments could be serious business.

Looking at the definitions above, you’d agree that an argument (a good one) should create a platform for reasoning and acquiring new knowledge. So I decided to write out a list of ‘ingredients’ (as the argument guru, :D) required to cook up a good argument. Here they are;

Ingredient #1: Two (sensible) differing points of view. The topic of argument could be (almost) anything but the POVs matter a lot. They show what angle each individual is looking at the subject matter from and could provide new knowledge on such.

Ingredient #2: As much as there’s always one, bias should avoided if a reasonable argument is to be had. One of the common issues I hate to argue about is Religion but if you find an open-minded person to argue points with (my friend Lawal comes to mind right now), you could have an enlightening discussion. This is to emphasize how important it is to avoid bias. It is the reason some arguments end up in fights.

Ingredient #3: All points of view must have intellectual backing. This is where the learning comes in. If you start an argument and realise the other person’s POV doesn’t make any intellectual sense, it’s best to stop. Never waste useful time arguing with an idiot!

Ingredient #4: Passing your points across and backing them up shouldn’t have any physical aggression. You could get a little agitated when your points are not being appreciated or seen, so lots of gesticulations & physical activity might seem necessary but it should be limited to demonstrations only. No touching, shoving or pushing is allowed, much less hitting, slapping or punching. ‘Nuff said!

Ingredient #5: Intelligent arguments are devoid of abusive language. There’s no point calling the other person names because he doesn’t see your point. If you’re used to arguing with close friends, this could be very difficult to avoid so it has to be worked on. No one likes to be called names, most especially by someone you’re not well acquainted with.

Ingredient #6: Ability to accept points that are well proven. This is critical to having a sensible discussion. Arguments are not wars, you don’t have to win at all cost. Like I said before, there’s almost always no losing party as most arguments end in some sort of compromise, each person agreeing with some of the other’s points and while still opposed to others.

Ingredient #7: Lastly, remain friends. You should be able to have other conversations after a good argument has just been had. It signifies the end of a reasonable discussion. If other ingredients are there, this last one will come in naturally. On occasions where one or two are missing, putting this last one covers up.

*Sidetalk: E no easy to be lecturer o! I don’t even know about half of what I’ve written but…this is my blog na! Abeg, just take today’s lesson like that jooor!!*

There! So having an argument could be good for your intellectual health. Let’s just be sure we learn everyday. By the way, doing research really gives you the upper hand if you’re so concerned about winning.

Before I sign out, here’s a topic we could have an argument (def. 2 & 3) on:

“What is the best way the youth can ensure the leadership gets to address their issues?”

Here I drop my keypad!

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9/11: A Simple Tribute

I know there’ll already be lots of posts about 9/11 at this time but my reason for writing this is to pay a simple tribute. Lots of 9/11s have come and gone since the major one (can’t believe it’s up to 10 already), and each one has something different for everybody. For some, it will always remind them of their dead loved ones, for some others, it’s a day to celebrate life (I have two birthday boys) and to some still, it’s a day to remember one of the finest ‘pressers of the word’ as he quits blogville.

I try to remember where I was on 9/11/01 but I don’t think it was somewhere really significant like that. I remember the January ’02 bomb blast more (of course!), but I recall 9/11 generated a lot of debate back then in school. How did it happen? Who could’ve been intelligent enough to hit the world’s superpower like that? What would the U.S. do? Well, we all know the story now and all we have left is this remembrance. I didn’t lose anyone I know in that incident but I really feel the pain of those who did. I know what it is to lose someone you love and respect so much and, hence, will continue to sympathize with them every year.

Before I go on, I’d like to say this: I don’t know what it’s like to celebrate on a day remembered more worldwide by an act of terrorism but I do know that amidst all the evil happening around us, we still need a reason to find happiness and celebrate life. So, despite all the 9/11 drama, I say Happy Birthday to two of my very good friends; AbPoet and Michael, and the rest of those who have something good to celebrate every 9/11. Keep giving us a reason to smile when there seems to be sadness all around us.

Ok, after all that’s said, the last 9/11 is actually my reason for writing this. It’s the day my Blogville RM chose to exit blogville for reasons he seems to believe warrant his exit. I refuse to accept his decision to leave but when he has other personal reasons, who can argue that? So I decided to write a lil’ history of myself and him just to let him know he can’t leave some of us, no matter how he tries (we won’t even let him die! Go ask ‘Viral Encephalitis’!!)

So here goes…

I joined the school in JS2 after a harrowing experience in boarding school in my first year of junior secondary. I was in B class and he was in A. I didn’t know much about him ‘cos I don’t mix too well back then. I think the only times we crossed paths were on the football field. Safe to say, we weren’t much of friends in junior secondary. Then fate put us together in Science class by the time we got to senior secondary. And even though we each had our closer circle of friends, we hit it off well. We had almost the same interests. We both play football very well (I always imagined us as playing 9 & 10 in the same team.) We both played table tennis averagely. We both loved Ma$e & Puff Daddy. We both had very good sense of humor (which most times decide the kinda friends we roll with) and we were both brilliant (in our own rights), though he more than me (as records proved.)

I fail to remember when we ever had a fight (pls remind me on a comment here, Kev), but I remember those days of Mega Games, draught games on our desks, table tennis with the dining tables, going to the Udofias’ at Allen and much more. I remember we were also in the same house (Perseverance all the way!!!) My memories of those days are quite very vague but I know we had it going back then. He graduated as the third best (yes, if u didn’t know) to the surprise of many as there were supposed to be two or three guys before him in the academic order. It simply showed his capacity to outrun the best.

Out of high school, we lost touch but not for too long. The email rush entered Naija with Y2K and we resumed communication. Through that, he showed me how to get a free personal website (on freeservers) after I checked out his. Our online correspondence was quite consistent until the blackout! We we were both in our different worlds, so it wasn’t really unusual. Didn’t know what happened until another friend of ours told me he heard about it. I can remember thinking how bad it would be to lose a whole month of one’s life. It wasn’t until we met at a reunion we had two years later, that he told us it was worse than that. Reading the full story on his (supposed) last post on his blog (read here), I felt the emotions run through my being. Losing him would have meant the loss of a true gem and we (I mean all of us who’ve gotten to know him) know the value of that.

He’s one of the reasons I came into blogsville. He has often encouraged me to write something, especially since he found out about the mag project. Through him I met a lot of intelligent and beautiful friends. We even had an interesting ‘crew’ on FB before he quitted for Twitville (hell, d guy’s developing an annoying habit of quitting social platforms after hooking people up!)

He’s everything u perceive him to be; handsome, witty, funny, intelligent, brilliant, crazy, annoying, friendly, emotional, loving (his ‘mistresses’ should attest to that), God-fearing and very supportive of his friends! He’s the one & ONLY…


…Kev!!!! (Sorry to burst your #WithAnL bubb_e…:o)… )

U guys can go now. I’m done with my simple tribute. The rest of this post is for ‘our’ eyes only! Thank u!!

*Now talking to Kev*

Ok, my man, it’s time for confessions…*now singing Usher’s ‘Confessions Pt. 2’* Well, here they are:

1. About that hole in ur head, ur fam really tried with the ‘liquid in the spine’ story. That’s classic! The truth is, I drilled it! After they found u unconscious, I was told u were in the hospital and decided to take the opportunity. I had to take a little part of ur brain and it turned out to be the part with ur memories! So sorry mayne, but I saw a lotta things…

2. Remember the girl u saw X with after u returned to school? Yea, that one he was with in the room…she was ur gf but u just couldn’t recognise! X, confess now!!

3. We actually had to battle the monster V.E. to keep u alive. The real Voltron force came to the rescue led by Rated_X (Keith), prec1ous (Hank), Anniefertiti (Lance), me (Pidge) and misjuwa (Princess). We were almost defeated (which was why u died the 2nd time) but we eventually did the job *hi-5s*.

4. I was wondering why I kept having nightmares of dancing flames, now I know! 😉

5. And I realize I used to be saner before the ‘hole in the head’. I must’ve taken some part of the ‘crazy’ section of ur brain. I hope to return them soon sha.

6. There’s nothing more to add…

Anyways, this is just a way of saying thanks for the little things you did to push me up. And don’t forget, u’ll be a guest on here soon so…

I hope u realise that ur main focus should be on fulfilling the purpose for which He kept u alive. U know what it is already so just keep working hard at it!

Here’s where I drop anchor for now.

Thank you for reading thus far. You can finally leave (I knew u’d still be here.)

P.S.: I’m thinking, we could have a special holiday to celebrate 9/11 in blogville. It could be called Ho_iday #WithAnL!

I’m Out!!! (Finally! *sigh*)

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Fairly Legal

I never planned on this post until two days ago after going through a few blog posts. I know the title might sound a lil girlie (for those who follow the series) but there’s a reason. It actually has to do with one word that is well associated with the series: Mediation!

First, I’d like to say here that I’m not a Twitter freak like most of you, so any subbing or counter-subbing on there won’t get my attn: and would be a serious waste of time (as if peeps will even get to read this sef). Just tryna advise those who might get a head-rush and try to make a(n unwanted) superstar (a.k.a. celeb) of me on twitville (via subbing and the likes), to spend their energy on more productive things (whatever they might be).

That said, let us move to the main gist:

Ok, I was on my own jeje, trying to get my brand new (cha-cha) blog up and running, perfecting my first post (as if there’s anything to perfect there sef) when I decided to go through my blogville role model’s blog (if u don’t know who he is by now, no need carrying any last. U can like to go to my first post to find out. *cheap promo*), just to see what he’s been up to. That was when I saw his (then new) post ‘In The News’ which is kinda like his news broadcast for the week. Reading through (and skipping parts, *sorry man, I did*), my gbeborun self got interested in some links he posted about some Twitter ‘rants’ in blogville, so I decided to check ’em out (just for fun o!)

Well, I saved the links on my Opera to be attended to when I had time (which wasn’t until two days ago). It was that NonsenseBoi (e sabi gbeborun, ehn!) who came to ask me if I’d read the first blog. This increased my interest a lil more and I decided to finally delve into the whole gist. After reading the first one, then the reply and then the reply to the ‘replies’ (I only read one), I just thought I should share my opinion, and I’d just address the parties I can.

If you don’t already know (which means you’re very much not in tune with Twitter *worse than me*), the whole thing started (I think) with someone who attempted to reenact ‘Ehn ehn pt. 3’ and diss ‘The Celebs of Twitville’ which, in effect, started a chain reaction (never knew how far it went, though.)

*Sidetalk: Before we go any further, a lil education for the Twitterless souls. You can count yourselves lucky (or unlucky depending on how you feel about it) because as interesting as twitter seems to be, it’s turned to a place where u can get de-repped sharp-sharp without any prior warning. The in-things now are twitfights, subbing and voltroning (you don’t want to know what they mean). So if you’re not there yet, you might want to think twice (and try to read blogposts on those things first!) But for those whose lives already revolve around it, well…what can I say? Enjoy! Seriously though, twitter is very fun if you can get to blend in and go with the flow sha (which I haven’t).*

My opinion on the whole issue:

*Another Sidetalk: As common as Twitfights and subbing are, I never observed any, talkless of being in one (e pain me say I miss Kev’s own. I carried serious last as dem dey diss my guy. Ah!), but I have a good idea what they involve. And now that twitfolks are bringing the fights to blogs, it’s getting clearer.*

Simple truth is; every single person has an opinion, and with that opinion comes the right to express it! Another truth is, opinions don’t represent the vast majority until they support it. Based on this, both TheGothPrince and ThelmaTweets expressed theirs as much as they could and got (record-breaking?) responses to both posts.

Like I said before, I’m not a diehard Twitter fan so I don’t really know these guys there (I think I follow ThelmaTweets, though. And I’m yet to understand why people generally beg other people for ffbks!) but from what I read in their posts, both were angered by the other’s points when, in reality, they shouldn’t be.

First thing is, the guy asked for ‘it’ when he decided to go all out and ‘name names’ and I expected he’d take all that would be thrown at him with a pinch of salt but when I read the reply and he referred to her as ‘defending her lord and saviour’, it came across as one who’s just lashing out at everyone that countered his opinion. I mean, it’s really uncalled for. It’s a simple case, you think the guys are not worth what they’re hyped up to be, she thinks it’s an unfair assessment, Shikena!

As for ThelmaTweets, you might know this SlimFingaz or is it TweetOracle guy and think he’s cool but when someone else thinks he’s not, all you need to ask is ‘Why?’ The guy said some things in the backup post that, if true, would mean he seem to make sense with the first one. Sometimes, a nice reminder from nowhere is needed to check those who think they are power brokers in certain areas of life (in this case, Twitville.) But if voltroning was just what you did then I can’t say much.

Back to the guy, this is the world we find ourselves in where people turn simple things (like Twitter just for expression of thoughts) to complexities (like getting ‘famous’, dissing, famzing, voltroning, subbing and the likes). We need to get over ourselves. People will get famous, whether online or off, and they will deal with it in different ways. The way it is in real life is exactly how it is online. Some will remain humble while others will throw their weight around, it is what it is. So if you really wanted to just check them, you could have been more subtle. The way it is, you could be said to also be looking for cheap fame (forget the fact that you didn’t ask for the ffs, you knew they’d come), so…

In any case, you guys expressed your opinions and it’s your prerogatives to do so but try to provide more objective analysis next time. No need for the attacks on personalities. Do not claim to be a crusader for ‘positweev’ change and go about it the ‘Rugged’ way then expect us to believe you’re not just tryna show off!

So, as a mediator, I expect you guys to understand and respect each other’s POV. Btw, you both share a common stance in that Twitter gives us the freedom to block, follow, unfollow and mute anyone, so it seems we don’t have much complaints, do we? Let’s just get on with our lives and go back to the usual creative stuff blogville is known for.
*Here’s where they kiss and make up (if they haven’t already done so.)*

Finally, Terdoh, just having fun through the whole thing. :D. I guess I still have to go through your other posts. You’re well recommended.

P.S.: In case you’re wondering where my loyalty lies on twitter (why would you wonder about that in the first place? I’m already getting famous in my head o!), I’ll be voltroning for my homeboy, so don’t tasi the boy at all o!

I’m _eaving#WithAnL!!!

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First Things First

It’s only appropriate that the title of my first post on this blog starts with the word ‘First’. Everyone likes to come first. That’s a fact! Except if coming first portends something terrible, like when I was in boarding school and a senior calls out “A boy!”. Oftentimes, if you turn up at the back of the line, you know you’re doomed. But then sometimes, the ‘chosen one’ could also be the unlucky first junior on the line. On those occasions, the safest position is always in the middle of the pack (then the saying that “There’s safety in multitude” takes a new meaning.)

Back to the ‘first’ gist; everyone loves to come first. Remember when you were in primary school and there’s this one classmate that everyone loved so much just cos he’s the brainiac. Here, the goodhearted ones simply wish they were just like him and they work hard to catch up in vain. The regular ones (like you & me) often end up wishing he just wouldn’t resume school the next day. But that wouldn’t happen so the guy just ‘rules’ us till we leave and we can’t forget him for that one feat! Then we later wish we were the ones in his shoes. In fact, we tell stories of his achievements to our friends in Junior High, only we’re the ‘heroes’ in this version.

Back to ‘first’ (I know, I digress much), well, most of you will be reading this from me for the first time (of course!) So I’d planned a lil’ intro before I even registered on the site, then I discovered it had this page called ‘About’ (eF up!!!) Due to this small ‘glitch’, you’d have to go elsewhere (the ‘About’ page, for instance) to learn about me. Sowie!

Ok, now to my first post…

Wait!!! What have I been doing from the first (that word again), you ask. Well, I don’t know myself. Never planned on all the ‘first’ stories. Maybe this would be the first post with so many firsts and right here would be a nice place to do a list of people who did things for the first time, but I can’t remember any! So I’ll humbly go back to ‘my first post’.

…which is to tell you, my ardent reader, follower, friend, critic, etc., (never mind if the adjective doesn’t qualify them all, and, yes, I do English for one Grammar School like that) about my reason for writing, a.k.a., reason for starting a blog, a.k.a., reason for keeping u here and hoping you’d be hypnotized enough to come back again & again.


Fact #1: I know how to write.

Fact #2: I know I know how to write.

Fact #3: I know I can only write better by writing consistently.

So, needless to say, I did this just for the love of expressing myself through written words. I’m a deep thinker and most deep thinkers are better writers than speakers (since they always tend to be more devoted to self). But make no mistake, they make excellent motivational speakers because of their thought-out mode of expression. Hence, I might be headed towards that direction too someday.

I also did this cos I’ve been inspired by a couple of friends. The list is quite lengthy but I’d just mention the most influential ones:

@KevinWithAnL is like my blogging role model, if there ever was one and a major push. You should check out his blog at

@Anniefertiti is my ‘shrink’, my psychological backup and emotional support. Her blog’s at

@NonsenseBoi (not a real handle), is a bank of ideas and the one who finally said ‘Do It!’.

@AbPoet (not yet a handle), is a real motivational factor and the one who always believed in the gift.

@prec1ous, @Rated_X, et al.

There are others I fail to mention but I appreciate you all!

Thanx for reading this boring intro of me and I promise to bring the real Issues & Tissues to you from the next post!

Signing Out!!!